What's in a name?

I need a name for my point and shoot, something other than Nikon Coolpix s610c.

She's a very fine companion, encouraging me to take walks, slow down, and (cough) even smell the roses.

Lately, she's encouraged me to look at ordinary things as abstractions. What's up with that?

And, next thing you know, she's drawing me to brilliant colors, bent metal, shadows, geometry, weeds, signs, and the wonders of gardens.

So, here's a taste of the treasure the little unnamed wonder has helped me find . . . perhaps you could help me find her a name?

Anne, the urban gardener, wears a posy

Curled ironwork overlooking Interstate 94 in Minneapolis

A blue bench at Hunt & Gather shop in Minneapolis

Weeds growing in a parking lot in St Paul

Flower petal in a box at dusk along east side of our home

Chain on a dumpster

Weathered glass on a building near the Minneapolis farmer's market

Winged creature in Mr. B's garden

Abandoned signage

Beads of rain on a leaf in Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis

Paint peeling off the east side of our home

Mother Nature's brand of fireworks

And my little point and shoot's name is . . . 


♥ Braja said…
Damn, I love those photos...and I'm stealing them. Hey, I'm an honest thief...

Just kidding.

No I'm not. If I want to use one on my blog, can I do so and give you all the credit and a link and it will be a small version and and and....? :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your first visit to my blog. I have several and you were at Abe Lincoln Blogs. Glad you liked it and the lesson in ground level photography. There is also Belly Button photography which I do with my Canon and it is not a point and shoot camera.

I like what you have done with your camera in taking this selection of photos. It is very creative to look at a scene, pick out an object or thing, focus on that and then get the details. Not many people do that.
jinksy said…
Nikki? Brill? Sopha? (So far so good)...
Or simply Plain Blooming Marvellous, by the look of those photos - or maybe that's just the photographer? x
Joycee said…
I love these. When you are observent, still and have a great camera you can produce art at it's finest! Love the peeling paint.
magpie said…
Beautifully observed. But you knew these would appeal to me - love those small moments.

Thanks for your comments. I'm thrilled if anything i do can in any way inspire.
~ ennui ~ said…
I'm drooling......great, great images.
oh' you give her far too much credit this nameless camera- she's only as good as the gal who uses her ♥
Linda B said…
Truly a treasure trove. Glad you're having so much fun and success. A few names, after consulting Webster: Iris (part of the eye and a flower), Cameo (a gem stone of 2 layers cut in ornamental relief and kinda a shortened version of camera), K-Ray or K-Filter (passing certain rays only, to purify by passing through a filter, K for Kathleen, of course), and, finally, the CEQ (Comprise/Compose Essential Qualities).
ellen abbott said…
What great pictures. I love the chain (is it really those colors?) and the weeds in the parking lot. Well, all of them are wonderful. good eye.
Alex the Girl said…
It has to be whimsical, but not giggly or cute. You have to picture the waif that walks besides you in your head..thin...whispery medium brown hair that falls straight past her shoulders and has the habit of falling into her sparkling laughing brown eyes. She's comfortable in jeans, a shirt, and boots, or a simple cotton slip of a dress. Eats trail mix in the woods and hot dogs on the beach.

Her name is Molly, Molly Blooms to be specific. Molly for short.

Terrific pictures, Kathleen...right when I'd pick the one I like the best, you'd come up with another...it's a tie between the dumpster chain and peeling paint...
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

I reckon you could call "her" (what's all this sexism here?!) Truly after 'Truly Scrumptious' because that's the kind of photos she takes!

I love the chain (which I'm sure you must have saturated?), the bench and the weathered glass. Oh, and you ought to fix up the paint!
Rudee said…
Your photos are all worthy of being called art. If it were me, I'd call that camera, Snaps.
Pyzahn said…
Well, I did a google translation on "cool pictures" which in Italian would be...

stupende immagini

So if your camera is a guy (which I doubt) it could be Stu. Or for the feminine side...Gini (gee-nee)

Or to channel photographic genius you could name it after a famous photographer...Dorothea (Lange) or Diane (Arbus).

Whatever you choose, the images are lovely. Does the camera have a macro? I'm going to have to try taking some close ups and see what transpires.

Please continue sharing your fun.
Poetikat said…
Calypso - The Siren drawing your attention where she wishes.

♥ Boomer ♥ said…
I just love these shots! I need to PAY MORE ATTENTION to the things we often overlook!!
Kathleen said…
Dear friends:

Your comments have made my day! Thank you so much for taking the time to "take a scroll" through my virtual album.

A couple of you asked about the chain shot: I have a mac and use iphoto, so I went back to see if I'd monkeyed around with the any of the "controls" it offers. I did indeed boost the saturation to 85%. I'm such a coloraholic I couldn't stop myself from playing with the options.

I love all the names you've suggested, too. But Derrick got me on the sexism comment. So male or gender neutral names most welcome! I am leaning toward a couple that have been suggested, tho'

I think I keep the camera in macro mode almost all the time -- just part of discovering what I might not see with the "naked" eye.

I've been so hesitant to take pictures of people because I know how self-conscious I am about pictures. But I'm hoping to get brave enough at some point!

Braja: Spread the joy, my dear! And tribbles, too!

Abe: Thank you. I look forward to learning more from you!
Kathleen said…
Jinksy: Cool names! Hey, they call it a point and shoot for good reason. It's just there's so much beauty around us, it's astonishing!

Joy: Oh, that peeling paint. We're hoping to get to it this summer. Meanwhile, it's fun to make "art" out of it!

Magpie: Yay! I'm so glad you stopped by. You are most influential!

~ennui~: To one who sees beauty everywhere: thank you for your fine example!

Linda: Oh, you are SO clever. Iris!!! Thanks for the great ideas!

Ellen: Thanks! I got a chuckle out of the "good eye" comment. One eye is near-sighted and one eye is far-sighted. Which one is the good one?

Alex: My God, woman, you have a most amazing mind. I know I'm repeating myself, but really, such creativity! What well do you draw from?

Derrick: I shall pass along your comment to Mr. B. I have to keep him busy or he starts coming up with projects for me -- and all I want to do these days is write and take photos! Thank you for your sweet comment!

Rudee: Art. Such a little word, with so much meaning. Thank you for saying that. Do you ever get into that art vs. craft argument in you head? Snaps -- pretty saucy!

Pyzahn: Fabulous ideas. I love the Italian idea. So many great "eyes" came from Italy. Oh, yes, you must check out your macro option. It rocks!!!

Poetikat: oooooo....that's a good one. And I do love mythology!

Boomer: Thank you! I hope you have as much fun as I'm having.
~ ennui ~ said…
That is the funniest thing that you've written in my comments!
I feel your pain girl.

Any how, please help spread the word about this amazing shop.

The craftsmanship is awesome ♥

david mcmahon said…
VERY interesting shots.
Grace Albaugh said…
Funny, I never thought of naming a camera. What a good idea. You could go with Rocky for those bold images you want to capture. Or Celeste for those soft or sultry ones. Maybe Tootsie for all the fun photos you can take. Oh there is no end...

Any ideas for my new point and shoot?
Sandi McBride said…
Ah Cisco, why not call her Pancho? A dear companion for sure! Congratulations on Post of the Day nomination!
the nanchi said…

You have got a wonderful eye for color and composition! I especially love (okay, there's many) the weeds, chain, peeling paint (great patterns) and the fireworks.

Lucy Ocelot would be a good name.

Nancy W
Brian Miller said…
great close ups. you have such a way of capturing the blend of wonderful colors. congrats ont eh POTD mention.
indicaspecies said…
Wow, these are excellent shots. Love your post. Congratulations on the mention at the POTD. Well deserved!
- celine
introspection said…
Those are great shots and great words.

Your camera is special as it creates an art form that looks so original. How about calling it your '3rd eye'.
Congratulations for nomination to POTD.

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