Sunday, February 28, 2010

A happy birthday wish

For one of my dear friends, who'd really like a small furry creature in her life! Here are four furry creatures for you to enjoy today!

We miss you Julie of the sapphire eyes.
And we're so happy RockStarSon brought you into our lives!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three-dog nights and days

Ahhhh . . . the puppy is napping, I'm awake, time to revisit blogland, but I better make this quick!

Thrilled, but a little testy (just ask poor Mr. B) from sleep deprivation and picking up a whole lotta poo. Woe to the next soul who ribs me about having a "mama's boy" or empty-nester syndrome. I just might bite! And I don't have baby teeth.

Utterly joyful, loving, quirky little beast who learns fast and will look at the computer screen as if there's something of interest to him on it, like an old episode of Lost. He can get the most serious look on his face I've ever seen on a pup. And those eyes. I wonder if they'll stay so blue.

Gins: "Come on, play wif me."
Gins: "I was just considering the ontological state of the universe. You?"
Gins: "Did someone say W-A-L-K? Sure you meant R-U-N?"
Gins: "Um, so...couch is base, right?"

Mostly having a blast playing with the little fur ball of energy, but sometimes looks like she's thinking: "Well this was fun. When's he going home?"
Charlotte: "Yee-haa! Someone to romp with!!!"
Charlotte: "It's a freaking puppy! Why does he take so long to wear out?"

Warming up but determined to stay in charge. If Charlotte gets too rough with the puppy, Cora comes over and drags her off by the scruff of her neck. She's the protector and teacher. She also lets Ginsberg know when he's out of bounds.
Cora:" Hmmm...I'm not sure they're in the same weight class for this event."
Cora: "Foul! Take a time out."
Cora: "And as for you, Mister. Don't think I'm not watching you, too!"
Cora: "Follow me, kid. If you can stay still for half a sec, that is."
Very few. Closing in on 8 weeks old, Ginsberg is starting to mill around the front door when nature calls.

Mr B
Ever the nurturer of small things, he is definitely falling in love.

New friends
Everywhere we turn!
Gins: "I hope my new friend Pingping gets another visa so she can hold me again!"

Hilarious. Especially when balls are involved!

Definitely deprived. Remember pulling all-nighters with school or babies? Yeah, like that. On the bright side, Ginsberg for the past 2 nights has awakened only once to make a deposit outside. He then promptly scrambles back up the stairs, comes inside, and goes back to sleep in his crate by me. Good boy!

If my fitness level doesn't increase, I'm going to stop believing exercise physiologists! Gins goes out at least 10 times per day. Mr. B and I are taking all 3 dogs for 3 longer walks, during which the young'un runs at full tilt to keep up with the big dogs. Man alive, Alaskan Huskies are serious about their running, even at 2 months!

Current condition of the house
Toys, balls, bones strewn everywhere. Papers piling high on the desk. Dirty dishes mounting. Pretty normal, actually.

Joy level
Beyond belief!

Still trying to buy one. None of the mushers in Marquette, MI, where I picked up Gins, had any to sell.

Puppy Kindergarten
Starting next week! Gins is a sled dog but he also has to learn to be a good canine citizen in the city -- that is until we find our 100 acres of pristine north woods land for a dirt cheap price! Any leads out there?

Personal goal
Winning a Red Lantern award, like my personal hero, Shannon Miller!

Oh, yeah, we're good!

Back again, soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My little man, Ginsberg

Incredibly happy -- and exhausted . . . more narrative to come when I catch up on some sleep. Till then, a couple pictures of the new addition to the fam!

My first peek in person at the little fellow!

Complete joy!

Where I want to be this time next year -- with a team of dogs!

Sharing the joy with ace travel companion, navigator, and cheerleader Sarah

Ginsberg (right) gives his sister (Maggie) a little goodbye love bite

Brave, brave Shannon MIller lets her pup go to a new home

Ginsberg loved this position on the drive home!

Proud Mr. B

Cora's doing her best to be patient

Charlotte, ever the party girl, is ready to rumble!

PreciousGrrrrlChild & Gins

EarthDoctor Son & Gins

Kathleen is wiped . . .

. . .and completely blissed out.

Next potty break in 2 hours -- better get some sleep!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yeah, what HDT said!

O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches
No run on my bank can drain it,
for my wealth is not possession
but enjoyment.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Leaving for Michigan to bring home Ginsberg!

'You're coming back, right'?

And thank you, friends, for your wonderful encouragement!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Ivers

'Watch out, she's gone to the dogs'

Photo of Musher Shannon Miller and Gwen. Copyright © 2010. Sophie Miller

So I have a question. But I'll get to that in a sec.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Michigan to pick up my dream come true: a lovely 7-week old Alaskan Husky pup who goes by the name of Ginsberg. His forbears have been amazing fleet-footed athletes who have been in teams that have run at the top of their game -- and won. Ginsberg is born to run, and I'll be right behind him on some form of contraption in hopes of keeping up with him. 

Telling people about this turn of events evokes one of 2 responses:

Response 1) "What?!? Are you crazy? Have you lost your marbles? You're going to have three dogs?"

Response 2) "Good for you for following your dream! Hey, when can I see the puppy?"

There is truth in both responses. Sometimes people following their dreams do crazy things that don't make sense in the moment.

Yes, I'll now have 3 dogs and I live in the city.

Yes, I'll be sleep-deprived for a while. 

Yes, purchasing dog food is going to be like taking out a second mortgage.

Yes, I'll probably get hurt again along the way as I pick back up where I left off when my knees interrupted my big plans, I messed up the radial nerve in my left arm, I crash-landed on an icy sidewalk and wound up with a bad concussion, and I irritated the rotator cuff of my right shoulder -- all in the spirit of adventure and a love for dogs.

Yes, it's a big responsibility.

Yes, I'm going to buy a sled and very likely a gas-powered vehicle (unless I can find one that burns trash for fuel!) to transport my sled and my pups.

Yes, my nest just emptied and I'm adding new complications to my life.

Honestly, I'm tired of explaining to the skeptics why I'm doing this.

I've heard all the reasons why I should not follow my dream, and I've mulled them over and over and over to search out the truth.

And in the end, I come up with the same conclusion: This is about joy.

This is about saying yes to joy. 

This is about taking a middle-age body and exposing it to the joy and the perils of moving fast, perhaps even being dragged, by a canine athlete in the making.

This is how I choose to live my life right now. 

I think I'm done 'splainin'.

It's time to live the life I want whether or not it makes sense to others.

Sometimes pursuing one's dreams
is just a crazy-good thing.


And so the question.
I'm going to be obsessed with all things doggie for a while.
I could:
(a) risk boring those who follow this blog with dogginess or
(b) I could begin a new blog just about my new dog adventures and misadventures. 


As I write, my delightful friend and fellow blogger, Shannon Miller, is making her way to Marquette, Michigan, delivering puppies to their new homes, enduring the sorrow of separation from the little creatures she helped midwife, all the while preparing to compete in a sled-dog race this weekend for which she has trained mightily. Good luck, Shannon! See you at the finish line!

Ginsberg's parents: Yeti + Gwen - Copyright © 2010. Shannon Miller

Ginsberg checking out his daddy's house before moving to Minnesota
Copyright © 2010. Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller en route to Marquette, Michigan, and delivering puppies along the way
Copyright © 2010. Shannon Miller

Ginsberg and litter mates on their first car ride. Copyright © 2010. Shannon Miller

Oh, my. Those paws. That face. Those eyes. Copyright © 2010. Shannon Miller

My little beatnik and his unique slant on life. Copyright © 2010. Shannon Miller

The author of this post wishes to thank Yeti, Gwennie, and Shannon for making a dream come true!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

La vie en rose

Flowers from Mr. B
Floral design by Sarah Ivers
A little music by KD Lang and Tony Bennett
Happy Valentines, all!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunrise at Lake Harriet

I took a walk this morning to nearby Lake Harriet, part of the beautiful chain of lakes in Minneapolis. We've had a combination of fog and air particulates lately, and they sure made for one interesting sunrise. 

The fog frosted the evergreens

Almost looks like a little bonsai sculpture

A mauve and gold sunrise over the lake

What's that up ahead?

Aw, it's a sweet little snowman!

Such a happy face!

I walk further out on the frozen lake
and see the strange dark fogginess swirl around the sun

I look to the left (north), and see the castle-like Lake Harriet Bandshell that is such a popular place during the summer for free concerts

Turning toward home, I run across this tree.
Its "movement" reminds me of a dancing woman.

What is you see this morning?


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