The dog days of winter - this one's for Jinksy

Riker and me

If you haven't seen me post
And you think I've turned a ghost

I'm really quite alive
But my world's become a hive

Dogs are here and there
Dogs are everywhere
And also there's the snow
That thrills me, as you know

Plus I'm tending a new blog
With pictures of a dog
Who's visiting my girls
And showing off his curls

So friends both old and new,
Before I say "adieu"
I'm posting some new pix
That shows what's in the mix

Thank you for the rhyming lesson and inspiration, Jinksy!

Watching the start of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in Duluth, MN, Jan 31
(More pix to come!)

This young lady and her pup placed in the top 20
in the City of Lakes Loppet skijoring competition Saturday
(More pix to come!)

The "pack" (Riker, Thing 1, & Thing 2) go romping at the dog park

Mr. B. and Riker bonding

Charlotte summing it up!


Nessa said…
Fantastic pictures. All of the dogs are beautiful.

willow said…
Two of my favorite things, snow and dogs!

(love those great legging thingies)
ellen abbott said…
The pups certainly look like they are having fun.
Rudee said…
Charlotte cracks me up.

You've been quite busy, Kathleen.
Barb said…
I think Charlotte and i have something in common!
Merisi said…
Thank you for the smile! :-)
The dogs are adorable too.
Suldog said…
I think you're lying about taking care of a new blog. I went there. A dog wrote it. Damn cute dog, too.
Mimi said…
our pictures are beautiful.
I'mm off now to the other blog to see what you have in store.
beautiful picture of the dogs romping in the snow...
Kathleen said…
@Nessa: Thank you! It's sure been a fun couple weeks!
Kathleen said…
@Willow: Amen to that! The legging thingies are THE warmest boots I've ever had. They're Steger Mukluks:
Patty Steger makes them; her husband, Will, is an artic explorer.
Kathleen said…
@Ellen: It's been nonstop fun around here!
Kathleen said…
@Rudee: Charlotte is quite a character and most definitely hams it up for the camera!
Kathleen said…
@Barb: Do say more!
Kathleen said…
@Merisi: So happy my goofballs could make you smile!
Kathleen said…
@Suldog: Oh, you are too clever! (thanks for taking a peek at Riker's blog!)
Kathleen said…
@Mimi: Hope you enjoyed the other blog! It's only going to be up for a limited time -- unless Riker's mom wants to keep it going!
Kathleen said…
@FHFD: Hey! It's great to have a visit from you. You might enjoy some pictures from the City of Lakes Loppet that featured a skijoring event with 130+ teams. Mine pix are here:
jinksy said…
Beware the rhyming bug; once bitten, it often takes you by the...hand? Feet?...Throat? Nah... Ah, got it! Earlug!
Gaston Studio said…
Oh, what fun! Riker is a lucky dog to have you guys taking care of him!

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