La vie en rose

Flowers from Mr. B
Floral design by Sarah Ivers
A little music by KD Lang and Tony Bennett
Happy Valentines, all!


Julie B. said…
Ooh, so pretty!! Hope that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well!
Gaston Studio said…
An incredibly llvely bouquet! My favorite is La vie en rose by Edith Piaff.
Gaston Studio said…
Oops! Meant to say "lovely" bouquet!
Gail said…
Hope your day was filled with joy.
ellen abbott said…
Oh, aren't those beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Such a vibrant color arrangement. Compliments to the designer! Bet it smells good, too! Cool looking brownish green thingies.
Hilary said…
Beauties.. I trust it was a great one. :)
Mr. B has great taste, but we all knew that already, yes???

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