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I beg to differ

After watching this video this morning, I have to say that I find Mr. Sinek's generalizations specious.

Here's why:
First, it reminds me of the once-conventional wisdom that teens, as a rule, were over-programmed. One really interesting study (before cell phones) gave teens beepers. Whenever they got beeped, they were to write down what they were doing and describe their mood. Turns out most kids didn't have enough to do and were bored: They were way more idle than busy. The investigators concluded that the "myth" of the over-programmed kiddo was perpetuated by highly affluent parents.
Granted, it's my own world, but my on-the-ground experience differs so much with Mr. Simek's I just can't keep quiet. I've worked with quite a few Millennials in professional publishing, nonprofit, public health, and academic settings, and their actions and attitudes have consistently busted the generalizations Simon Sinek asserts:
Millennials I'v…

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