Happy Mudder's Day

Mrs. Kimball, aka The Big Mudder

My little sister, Lisa, used to scold my middle sister, Erin, when she was trying to boss her around: "Shut up, Erin. You're not the Big Mudder."

Well, we three sisters are all Big Mudders now. And one of us is even a Big GrandMudder. Not me yet, but maybe someday.

In the meantime, I'm a lucky woman to be a Big Mudder. Very very lucky indeed.

May you each enjoy Mudder's Day blessings today.


Suldog said…
Happy Mudder's Day!
Linda said…
Header photo reminds me of colorful fibers I saw at Shepherd's Fest and Llama Magic.

Beautiful "mudder!" Happy Mother's Day to you, too.
Hilary said…
How cute is that! Hope you had a fine day. We Mudders have to stick togedder.
Janie said…
I'm glad to be a Big Mudder, too. Funny how all families have their own inside jokes based on the mispronunciations of childhood.

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