Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There's a new girl in town

I'm so excited to introduce to you the newest member of of my mushing team: Agate.
Or Aggie. 
Aggie has a "parti" eye - that's when part of the eye has other colors. So pretty! Like a pinwheel!
Aggie came into our lives from the Ohio kennel of the amazing Amanda Povraznik. Aggie is 1/2 Seppala Siberian, 1/2 Alaskan Husky and she's absolutely perfect - all 42 pounds of her, which is mostly legs!

Aggie is roughly the same age as Ginsberg (who's being a complete poop about our new team mate) and a girl with a TON of drive! That's exactly what've we've needed to get us down the trail. While Ginsberg has been a wonderful wheel dog (the dog that helps steer the sled and is closest to the sled), he's just not ever been focused enough to run solo lead. Aggie on the other hand will ONLY run lead. So they're a perfect match.

She's an adorable "talker" who woo-woo-woos up a storm. She's crate-trained, house-broken, and rides in a car like a dream. 

I've taken her to the dog park a couple times, and she's an excellent judge of doggie character. 

Aggie is completely fascinated with airplanes and migrating geese!
I've seen her charm the heck out of a little Bichon with two front legs that work and two back lacks attached to wheels. He rolled as fast as he could to keep up with her. She works her magic especially well with shy dogs and will speak her mind when she thinks other dogs are being too rough or ganging up on a smaller pup.

We're completely smitten, and can't wait to get out for some spring training with our scooter.

So far, I've had people tell me she looks wolfie, like a fox, and like a coyote! So silly. She's just a gorgeous little sled dog who has made our world a lot sillier and much more delightful!

Now, if I can just get Ginsberg to stop being such a grump!


Kerry said...

Oh, she's a beauty alright! Congratulations! Ginsberg will come around, and you're going to have so much fun.

Linda said...

No fooling, she is adorable. Gins must be jealous or not a leg man. How sweet with the little Bichon. Happy trails to you! And Happy Easter!

Erin Davis said...

Congratulations! So excited for you.

harada57 said...

How sweet with the little Bichon. Happy trails to you! And Happy Easter!



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