Three-dog nights and days

Ahhhh . . . the puppy is napping, I'm awake, time to revisit blogland, but I better make this quick!

Thrilled, but a little testy (just ask poor Mr. B) from sleep deprivation and picking up a whole lotta poo. Woe to the next soul who ribs me about having a "mama's boy" or empty-nester syndrome. I just might bite! And I don't have baby teeth.

Utterly joyful, loving, quirky little beast who learns fast and will look at the computer screen as if there's something of interest to him on it, like an old episode of Lost. He can get the most serious look on his face I've ever seen on a pup. And those eyes. I wonder if they'll stay so blue.

Gins: "Come on, play wif me."
Gins: "I was just considering the ontological state of the universe. You?"
Gins: "Did someone say W-A-L-K? Sure you meant R-U-N?"
Gins: "Um, so...couch is base, right?"

Mostly having a blast playing with the little fur ball of energy, but sometimes looks like she's thinking: "Well this was fun. When's he going home?"
Charlotte: "Yee-haa! Someone to romp with!!!"
Charlotte: "It's a freaking puppy! Why does he take so long to wear out?"

Warming up but determined to stay in charge. If Charlotte gets too rough with the puppy, Cora comes over and drags her off by the scruff of her neck. She's the protector and teacher. She also lets Ginsberg know when he's out of bounds.
Cora:" Hmmm...I'm not sure they're in the same weight class for this event."
Cora: "Foul! Take a time out."
Cora: "And as for you, Mister. Don't think I'm not watching you, too!"
Cora: "Follow me, kid. If you can stay still for half a sec, that is."
Very few. Closing in on 8 weeks old, Ginsberg is starting to mill around the front door when nature calls.

Mr B
Ever the nurturer of small things, he is definitely falling in love.

New friends
Everywhere we turn!
Gins: "I hope my new friend Pingping gets another visa so she can hold me again!"

Hilarious. Especially when balls are involved!

Definitely deprived. Remember pulling all-nighters with school or babies? Yeah, like that. On the bright side, Ginsberg for the past 2 nights has awakened only once to make a deposit outside. He then promptly scrambles back up the stairs, comes inside, and goes back to sleep in his crate by me. Good boy!

If my fitness level doesn't increase, I'm going to stop believing exercise physiologists! Gins goes out at least 10 times per day. Mr. B and I are taking all 3 dogs for 3 longer walks, during which the young'un runs at full tilt to keep up with the big dogs. Man alive, Alaskan Huskies are serious about their running, even at 2 months!

Current condition of the house
Toys, balls, bones strewn everywhere. Papers piling high on the desk. Dirty dishes mounting. Pretty normal, actually.

Joy level
Beyond belief!

Still trying to buy one. None of the mushers in Marquette, MI, where I picked up Gins, had any to sell.

Puppy Kindergarten
Starting next week! Gins is a sled dog but he also has to learn to be a good canine citizen in the city -- that is until we find our 100 acres of pristine north woods land for a dirt cheap price! Any leads out there?

Personal goal
Winning a Red Lantern award, like my personal hero, Shannon Miller!

Oh, yeah, we're good!

Back again, soon!


Nick Kelley said…
Fantastic photos...keep having fun. He is so awesome. Cant wait to see him pulling a sled.
Sarah Jane said…
So So fun to see these photos of gins with his new sisters! He fits right in. My favorite pic is the one of Ginsberg on the stool, looking like he's asking permission to get on the couch!
Rudee said…
That photo of the three dogs--with Gins on the footstool--looks as though they're conspiring. Should you be worried?

All three appear thrilled and you're right, he does look incredibly smart.

I can hardly wait to see him grow into those paws!
ppyang said…
Those pictures just make me smile :) thanks for taking the picture of Ginz and me..i love it so much! hope to see you soon~ and of course, to hold him again :)\
willow said…
I came over for some smiles and I certainly wasn't disappointed!
Linda said…
Blue doggie tag matches those puppy eyes. As usual awesome, fun photos. Next best thing to being there. Good thing no chair lifts on your walks/runs!
Sweetpea said…
I just love visiting your blog & today was no exception...thanks for the great time with your *pack*!
Barb said…
Now you definitely have to read A THREE DOG LIFE by Abigail Thomas! (Maybe you should actually wait until you get a bit more rest...)
Those bluest of blue eyes are wonderful. Best of luck to Ginsberg.
Joanna said…
I loved these photos. Those blue eyes are incredible. Ginsberg lucked out.
I miss my little man! He looks beautiful!
Lydia said…
I am officially in love with your puppy!
Suldog said…
Sure is a bunch of good-lookin' canines you've got there! Woof!
Gaston Studio said…
Fabulous photos of very happy pups enjoying a wonderful home life!

Left you something on my post today.

Kathleen said…
@Nick: Thanks! What a blast to bring him to the office! He definitely konked out after that!
Kathleen said…
@SJ: Thanks, amazing travel companion! Couldn't have done it without you! I love that shot, too! Such a funny little guy!
Kathleen said…
@Rudee: That whole litter is amazing! Bolt is already letting her owner known when she needs to go out and has learned to touch her nose to the back of Amanda's hand. Amazing how much puppies are capable of learning!
Kathleen said…
@Ellen: Yes sirree!
Kathleen said…
@Pingping: Thanks for letting me take the picture. You two look adorable together. I'll send the photo shortly! Safe travels! Come back soon.
Kathleen said…
@Willow: We aim to please! LOL!
Kathleen said…
@Linda: Yeah, those chairlifts were a stinker! Oh, the challenges ahead! And how I look forward to them!
Kathleen said…
@SweetPea: I'm just delighted that you enjoy your visits here. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sure makes my day! More to come!
Kathleen said…
@Barb: I am going to march out today at get that book! And I'll probably still be reading it this time in April! Ha!
Kathleen said…
@Joanna: Those eyes get me every time. And he so often has such a serious look, the combo just melts my heart! Must remember to stay alpha, though!
Kathleen said…
@Shannon: You MUST come visit!
Kathleen said…
@Lydia: Awww...that just makes my day. Thank you, Lydia. More pictures to come!
Kathleen said…
@Nessa: You are most kind. Such a fun, interesting mix of personalities these three!
Kathleen said…
@Suldog: Well, if that isn't the nicest compliment coming from some with "dog" in his name!?! Thank you!
Kathleen said…
@Jane: Aww, you're so kind. I'll be over in a jif!
What a bright spot of doggie love today!!! Needed that :>)
Pyzahn said…
Sigh. These pics are just too damn cute. You may be tired but it sounds like you are also having waaaayyy too much fun. I want some puppy love!

It's so sweet to see how the girls are accepting him....just wait till he weighs 100 pounds...they'll be glad they were nice.

Enjoy, enjoy, joy, joy, sleep, enjoy, joy, joy, sleep, enjoy.

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