Just married

~ With love to Cole and Jenny ~

For the Newly Wed
By Kathleen Kimball-Baker

What do you see
when your eyes lock
and nothing moves or whispers?

Do you behold yesterday 
long stretching hours
aloft like a cat’s elevator back?

Do you see tomorrow
blowing full of plans
like a sail in the Apostle Islands?

Do you glimpse this delicate moment  
now spreading out
like a feast under a swaying willow?

Are there sorrows floating
in a sweet shadow pond, sometimes
mirrored on your changing faces?

Is laughter spilling forth
unwilling to be hushed
like children in a quiet church?

Are ordinariness and silence 
such treasures that no call to serve 
could surmount what you would do to keep them?

But mostly

Are you so moved by each other
that good is enough, that to leave as is
is an act of love so rare so beautiful that

God weeps?

Oh yes, God weeps, because you are perfect
and you are beautiful and endless, but only 
the wise, the blessed, the blemished know such desire

and willingly set her free
I believe you do.

Copyright © 2009 Kathleen Kimball-Baker


♥ Braja said…
Ha! We're poet partners....I also did a poetry post today.

This is really lovely, Kathleen....I know the married couple will LOVE it...
Pyzahn said…
Gosh, Kathleen, that's lovely. What a wonderful gift to your friends.
Rudee said…
Such love is very rare. What a beautiful work of are you've written, Kathleen.
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
That's just beautiful!! ♥

By the way, I had so much fun working on my 7 awe-summm things. Thank you again for the Queen award. Very nice of you!

Hope you have a lovely day. I'm hitting the road to work "as we speak."
darsden said…
That is lovely and beautiful picture.
Derrick said…
Really wonderful words, Kathleen. A precious gift for anyone.
Erin Davis said…
This is just beautiful, Kathleen. No cliches here! Made me cry...
Grace Albaugh said…
Lovely work. One to sit and say Mmmm.
Kathleen said…
Thank you so much for your kind words. I always gulp before putting a poem out there, so I really appreciate the support. This one just spilled out. I adore Cole, who's been a best pal to and roommate of my eldest. I hope to get to know Jenny, who is one fabulous young woman.
Poetikat said…
Wow, I would love to have had this read at MY wedding. It is so lovely and a real testament to the sacrament of marriage.

Kathleen said…
Poetikat: You are so very kind. Means a lot coming from you!

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