Awesome. Feet.

So Mr. B looked down at my bare feet last night and made the following remark:

"Looks like your right foot is saying 'Live long, and prosper.' "

Yep -- same guy who calls me his bride, refers to me as Cadillac when he thinks I'm spending too much money, and to whom I've been married 29 years.

Never a dull moment here.

I have serious flat feet issues. When I buy shoes (which is worse than buying a bathing suit) and I'm asked what size I wear, my response is "square."

You get the picture.

And I bring this up for two reasons: 1) a blogger I follow posted a picture of some amazing sandals I wish I could wear and 2) my feet are not awesome and it's the only way I could work up the nerve to back my way into accepting a sweet award from Joycee at
Granny Mountain.

So . . .

1. I wish I'd never worn high heels

For a breath of fresh air, I highly recommend visiting
~ennui~ . The photography is so soft and lovely, her posts brisk and tender, and her flare for finding amazing handcrafted treasures quite impressive.

Today with a milestone 100 post, she showed a pair sandals that make me wish I could stand around having a coquettish conversation with Russell Crowe as the Gladiator (one of my all-time favorite movies).

Sandals by zuzsi

But, alas, I will have to wear goofy black go-go boots ala the original Star Trek -- or my Keens.

2. Queen of ALLL Things
The immensely creative blogger, Joycee of Granny Mountain , tagged me with the Queen of ALLL Things - Awe-SUMMM!!! Award. Thank you, my dear! Apologies for taking so long to respond. I've no idea why this has been so hard to sort out (but maybe it's because I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about 'cleaning  up my side of the street' stuff.)

But what woman in her right mind wouldn't want to be Queen of ALLL Things, especially if she could arrange a royal visit with a gladiator who's accompanied by a great soundtrack!?

So, as part of receiving this award, I am to post 7 awesome things about myself, then pass along the award to 7 awesome bloggers.

Here goes:

1. People tell me my laughter is infectious. (Is that a nice way of saying loud?)
2. I'm devolving, I think into a dog. (And I think dogs are awesome)
3. I am loved. (By Mr. B, Earth Doctor son, Precious GrrlChild daughter, RockStar son, Aunt Stella, family, and friends)
4. I am learning to let go of attachment to things (except for cool sandals and my Keens) and outcomes. 
5. I have a job.
6. I really really like my job.
7. I have B+ blood type. Besides the fact that it sounds upbeat, it's also a cool connection to a beloved grandmother, my mother, and my daughter.

So, as Queen of All Things (at least for today), I hear by pass this award to the following awesome bloggers:

1. ~ennui~ (poignant, lovely, ethereal)
2.  Freckled Writer (a sweet poet with a one-two punch)
3. Watermelon Tourmaline  (who would really appreciate some bachelorette party ideas!)
4. Gaston Studio (who tells the tales of "Indiana Jane")
5. Boomer Baby Bliss (another wonderful story teller)
6. Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes (her podcast feature is like sitting in a poetry jam!)
7. I Need A Martini Mom (oh, to have her sense of humor without the classroom of kiddies)

And I'd love to bestow this upon several male bloggers I follow, but I suspect they'd rather be Kings (or court jesters!)

And now, I shall receive the Gladiator . . . guards!


Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

Well done you! "If the cap (crown) fits ..."

In saying that you are learning to let go of attachments, I take it that doesn't include your camera?!

The sandals look great and I could stand in for Russell Crowe anyday! Veni, vidi, vici!
Poetikat said…
Dear Kathleen,

I am honoured that you have selected me and really appreciate the shout out. The slight snag is that I already have this award courtesy of the wonderful Lavinia at Birdbath Chronicles. (If you scroll down to the bottom of the my blog, I have my awards tucked out of the way.) I do thank you sincerely. If you're interested in my responses (and links to some great bloggers) you can view them here:

Thank you again, most sincerely!

Poetikat said…
Me again: Your family sounds delightful, quirky and fun. Oh, and I'm devolving into a cat, but I love dogs too!

ellen abbott said…
Oh the feet. Mine are wide across the toes and a narrow heel. I solve the shoe problem by just going barefoot.
~ ennui ~ said…
I am so not worthy.....thank you, thank for all your kind words.

Congratulations Queen.......for the award and for being the first at making coffee come out of my nose.

Rudee said…
I do love those sandals, but I'm partial to my Keens. I don't know what I'd do without them.
Erin Davis said…
Thank you so much for the lovely honor! And I must confess, I also have "square" feet. The first time my husband ever saw my bare feet, he laughed nonstop for about 5 minutes.
Erin Davis said…
Oh, and by the way, I would welcome a rendezvous with Russell Crowe in gladiator gear any time!
Poetikat said…
I'm back to talk about shoes, er sandals. I have a tough time getting anything to fit my feet right since they are narrow and petite with inordinately long toes.

I found a gorgeous pair of gold lame gladiator-sandals a few weeks ago and I love them because they are flat, shiny and stay on my feet. Bring on Maximus! (The Gladiator, I mean the gladiator.)

Pyzahn said…
I've always known you are awesome. And I still don't know what Keens are. Guess I need to google.
Anonymous said…
Devolving into a dog? That's fantastic! I love it. I'd be more than happy to be a dog. Wait. That doesn't sound good. Look like a dog = ugly. Female dogs are also called....

Never mind. *smile*
Kathleen said…
Maximus Decimus Derrick: So I blew up your image to check the veracity of your claim. Guards! And yes (hangs head in shame), I am attached to my camera. I really must watch what I say around you!

Poeticat: I'm devolving into a dog that is just fine with cats. We can still be friends. Oh, poo, I thought I checked to see if you'd received the award, but it was after 2 am. I'll check out your response! Gold gladiator sandals. You MUST post a shot of them or compose a poem!!!

Ellen: I'm working up to barefoot, but I'm not ready to deal with the stares and muffled laughter just yet. And, well, there is the problem of snow.

~ennui~: Oh yes, my dear, you are most worthy. I'd sure like to how you would handle a photo of coffee coming out your nose. That Mr. B. He's really quite a character.

Rudeek: I hear you, sista. I think I really should retract that statement about attachment. Then again, I am making progress. I didn't say I'd made perfection! Um, guess how many pairs of Keens I have? We have a lot of seasons around these parts.

Erin: No. Really? No. And you married him? That's too funny. But do your square feet say "live long and prosper?" Anytime I need a laugh now, I just have to take my right shoe off. A rendezvous with RC -- the stuff of dreams. Then again, perhaps a wicked poem is called for, no?

Pyzahn: Forget Google. What size shoes do you wear? I might just bring a pair with me to St Louis to give you for thinking I'm awesome.

Quirky Loon: Welcome! I see your point. But -- if you're a female dog, particularly an Alaskan Husky who runs like the wind and can bark just as loud as any boy dog and even finish the Iditarod in lead position with a smile on your face, who cares what they call you!?!
Julie B. said…
Awwww, thanks! I'll get to posting my 7 things sometime in the near future.

But in the meantime, you are awesome.

And I absolutely love the photos you posted in your last entry!!!
Joycee said…
You so deserve awards for your insightful, entertaining blog!
joycee at grannymountain
Poetikat said…
Oh, you are so right about the sandals! I'm thinking a haiku or something. Check me out in a bit, because I'm giving you an award (but the post isn't up yet).


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