California on my mind

By Connie Wanek

I have eaten peach after peach
without hesitation or apology, and each
was a disappointment. Outwardly,
they looked ideal, smooth as a pony muzzle
or pool table felt, sunset colored,
and when I held them I sensed
either their heartbeats or my own.

I overbought, too, thinking how lovely
they looked together, a troupe of California peaches
visiting Minnesota in July, the only month
they'd find palatable. I wondered what exactly
I expected of them. Flavor, I suppose.

Or I thought the stone
might offer I can't say what,
like tea leaves or a fortune cookie,
some hint of a changed life.
Still moist, still bearing a tassel of flesh,
the stone requests a sympathetic burial;
it believes that any amicable clay, even mine,
is suitable for resurrection.

From Growing Season: A Collection of Poems by Midwestern Poets

Image by tracy out west


Julie B. said…
I take it the peaches have arrived? That picture looks delicious... *drools*
jinksy said…
The picture is a beauty, but how anybody could descibe that hairy-furry, tongue tickling skin as smooth, is a mystery! Shudders....
♥ Boomer ♥ said…

I wanted you to know that I linked back to you on the post where you gave me the award. I cheated only a little. Computer troubles drove me crazy this week -- so I had to get the job done so I could go to work today and not be here a week :-) ... but the QUEEN OF ALLL... well, that was just tops!
ellen abbott said…
I bought some Georgia peaches this weekend. They were so good I went back and go more. I don't care for California peaches though. They are always mealy.
Joycee said…
...smooth as a pony muzzle, love that!
joy c. at grannymountain
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

The peaches do look yummy! The verse has interesting ideas, such as the pony muzzle and the heart beat and the clay deserving of resurrection. Pity she wasn't satisfied by them!
darsden said…
prudy peaches... I also love the top picture, how beautiful and peaceful :-)
♥ Braja said…
Oh peaches, nice, thank you, yeah, monsoon season, village, countryside of India, ne'er a peach was seen...:)
Pyzahn said…
Ummm...I'm going to the Farmer's Market on Wednesday....eager for a crisp made with blackberries and peaches. Ala mode, of course!
Poetikat said…
I have a great recipe for a peach coffee cake. I haven't eaten a fresh peach since I bit into one and discovered a worm!

Rudee said…
I think you should delete Kat's post because now I don't want to eat the half dozen peaches I bought the other day. They're from North Carolina. The Georgia peaches a couple of weeks ago were outstanding. I should have made a crisp but I ate them before I could.
Kathleen said…
Julie: No, sadly, the peaches have not arrived. But a girl an hope ;)

Jinksy: Ha! Good point!

Boomer: Saw that! Loved your answers, so in keeping with your theme! Very cool. Thanks for the sweet shout out, too!

Ellen: Well, I'll have to pay closer attention. I have such a rotten sense of smell and taste, something has to knock me off my feet for me to notice. Mr. B's fond of Colorado peaches, which are on order!

Joycee--pretty great imagery, eh? That little chapbook is full of great poetry, mostly seasonal. can't wait to post some more.

Derrick: Honestly, some people are just impossible to satisfy. But at least she's honest!

Darsden: Thank you! Calm is good. Calm is a must. I have a Yogi teabag label that says: "To stay calm is the highest achievement." I keep it in my cube at work. Always a good reminder!

Braja: Too bad we can't podcast scents . . . yet.
But I bet you've got some pretty fabulous foods we don't have. How about telling us about them?

Pyzahn: Ever make a cobbler? Peach cobbler? Yum!

Poetikat: Ewwwwwww . . . that must have been horrifying. My nephew kept teasing me during strawberry picking recently about the slugs. Nasty things those squirmy life forms. I have writhing creature issues, I think. And frogs scare the wooly boogers out of me!

Rudee: Whatever you do, don't read my response to Kat! Mr. B is quite the food putter upper. So I'm sure we'll have many a jar of peach jam. Want some? We still have some from last year. So you can have your choice. =:^)
Lyn said…
Since our friend Derrick knows that I am "peach" obsessed, he recommended that I read this post..and I thank him for that.
I myself usually get very good results from wins at something..On my blog, posted on Feb.3/Peaches, and Feb. 12/ Saint- Paul de Vence.
..thanks for the poem!
Kathleen said…
Lyn: Welcome, welcome!!! So glad Derrick sent you this direction. I've made a quick visit to your blog and love it. I'll check out your two posts on peaches! Hope you'll come back for another visit!


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