Kats & Dawgs

This is just to say . . .

Just kidding!
In all seriousness, I am tickled pink that a blog by a human devolving into a dog could be loved by a Kat who is a poet, especially since we all know that cats are highly evolved creatures, and poetikats a notch even further up!

I speak of Kathleen Mortensen (aka Kat), author of the delightful Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes, whose  marvelous blog is a must-see and a must-hear. Thank you, Kat!

And so, to continue to spread the love, I'm going to pass this award to a few of my cherished ones:

Derrick, author of Melrose Musings, from whom I get my daily fix of lore, beauty, charm, and travels.

Pyzahn, author of Prattle . . . from the Flatlands, whose creative posts and intriguing questions have me laughing my fool head off or thinking "hmmmmm" with every visit.

Rudee, author of A Knitting Nurse, whose sass, wit, and insight are as critical to a good day as caffeine.

Distracted by Shiny Objects, author of A Tidings of Magpies, who hits the sweet spot of photo and beautiful words with each and every post -- and she's wickedly funny, too.

Oh, I could go on and on, because in all honestly, I love you all. Really!


Derrick said…
Oooooo, THANK YOU, Kathleen! I am most honoured. I shall collect it right away and gaze at it over the weekend!
Poetikat said…
From one Kathleen to another, I thank you for the generous words and am delighted you have accepted the award. I will have to visit your lucky recipients.

Pyzahn said…
What a nice way to start my weekend.
Thank you blogger friend.

It's a blissfully beautiful day...about 75, with clear sunny skies and only a tender kiss of humidity. I'm must be in a time warp cause this can't be July in the flatlands.

Enjoy your little road trip.
Rudee said…
Wow. I'm honored! Thank you, Kathleen. I know just what I'll wear to the award ceremony.

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