A quick post and run

Thank you to all my kind friends who left cheery and kind comments about my tumble this week, tips about icing, and reminders to slow down.
Your notes were wise and thoughtfulness much appreciated! 

Getting to bed at a decent hour and resting as much as possible have been good, really good for me.
In fact, I ought to do that more often. Rest, not tumble, of course. 

Then, there's the miracle of Charlotte, the healing dog, whose soft silky coat snuggled up against an ailing body is a wondrous thing.

I'll be blog-hopping and catching up with you all this weekend!

Happy almost-Friday!

Image of Charlotte's fluffy hair by Kathleen Kimball-Baker


jinksy said…
OMG - did the road rise to meet you, rather than you tumbling?! (It's that bit in the sidebar catching my attention again.)
Mariana Soffer said…
You surelly diserve the nice comments you got. Cause you are a greatfull person, and try to encourage others to form a nice community with each other.
Take care my new friend
Derrick said…
I thought we'd agreed, Kathleen. No more running?!!
Kathleen said…
Jinksy: Ha! Metaphorically speaking, yes! It always seems to happen when I don't pay attention to the little voice that says, "Rest, dear, rest." But the the followig line has been equally true: "And may the hand of a friend always be near." Like just a few clicks or taps away, eh?
Mariana: What incredibly kind words you left. We are a community, aren't we, a fascinating one that needs no prompting, just curiosity! The best to you!
Kathleen said…
Derrick: um, "Ancora Imparo"

I'll try to keep promises better. Wait, did I promise that?

Must sign off so I don't have to run for my bus to work!

darsden said…
Happy Friday to you too, have a great restful weekend.
Pyzahn said…
Heal on. We miss you.
Alex the Girl said…
I had to look twice when I read what the photo's subject was...it looked like a doctored up picture of a wheat field taken right before dawn. What a photograph.

I'm glad you're feeling better enough to pop in and say hello.
Kathleen said…
Darsden: Thank you. I'll do my best!

Pyzahn: You are very nice. Please tell you mom I said so!

Alex: Hey, Alex! So nice to see your smiling face here! Isn't that hair something else? Sometimes it feels like feathers. Looking forward to catching up with my blogpals!
Anonymous said…
Ouch, hope the colorful bruises heal quickly. Loved your North Shore photos and European Vacation story. Getting to bed at a decent hour, excellent advice! Have a restful, wonderful weekend.
Anonymous said…
P.S. Croftville Road Cottages? Very nice renovation.
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
I am glad you are healing. Ever since I took a tumble, I am SO careful. Remember that little song, "Oh, be careful little feet where you go..."? That's me!
Kathleen said…
Anonymous: Thank you! You do realize you just fed by point and shoot addiction? See, it's all your fault. (spoken like a true addict!) Croftsville . . . sigh

Boomer: I don't know that song, but it sounds like one I should learn! I don't know, though, if it applies to someone with "square" feet!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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