To spin the bottle or not

On the cusp of adolescence I was much more child than maiden. I still loved digging channels in the dirt and damming them up, playing Man from Uncle with my friends who were boys, and dangling from and scrambling about the jungle gyms.

But the 6th grades girls were changing, in the way 6th grade girls do. And one of their forbidden delights was to sneak off to play spin the bottle during lunch hour with willing 6th grade boys. Not the least interested in this game, I began to wonder how on earth I could make myself fit in.

So I brought my dilemma to my mother. And her response was this: "If you want to stay a child right now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You just stay that way till you're good and ready. And you'll know when that is." Such permission was incredibly liberating.

And so I did remain a child for several more years, protected by the force field of a mother's love, beckoned gently toward adulthood by her uncanny wisdom.

To all who mother their children and others', the earth, or any of her creations, may you know what good you do, how enduring  the memories you create are, and the essential nature of all you do. 

Happy Mother's Day, one and all!

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Pyzahn said…
And a lovely day to you, too. How fortunate you were to have such a wise mother.
Rudee said…
What a beautiful story about your mother. Like Pyzahn says, she was wise. Happy Mother's Day.
Erin Davis said…
What a wise and wonderful mother--to liberate you from an adolescence you weren't ready for yet. I've got words of wisdom from my mom on my blog, too. Thanks for this, Kathleen.
Kathleen said…
Pyzahn: Oh yes indeed...she was remarkable and I miss her.

Rudee: She was a wiseacre, like someone else I admire ~;^)

Erin: Loved loved loved your poem. Thanks for visiting so regularly!

Just makes my day to hear from you all!
AKbushbaby said…
Hi Kathleen,
Thank you so much for the kind words. Of course you can post the video! It's not on youtube but have at it! I'll be posting again soon, just been busy with work/ know how it is...
Julie B. said…
Hope you're having a nice day! Happy Mother's Day!
Gaston Studio said…
What a truly love post about a wise mother and a little girl who wanted to stay on the jungle gym!

Happy mom's day to you too.
Kathleen said…
Jillian: Yay! I'm so glad you stopped by. Yes, can see in mind's eye how crazy busy you are. Scooping, feeding, watering, running, straw. And trying to get a minute for yourself! Looking forward to your posts!

Julie: It was a grand and wonderful day, made all the better by a visit from you!

Jane: Thank you for your kind words. That poor woman had hoped for a girlie girl. Instead she got a tomboy who wanted bazookas for her birthday rather than Barbies. But she loved me anyway. And I her.
david mcmahon said…
Your mother was blessed. And so, by way of life, are you.

Knowledge and wisdom come not in an instant.
Kathleen said…
David: Toward the end of her life - she survived poverty, homelessness, cancer, and was declining fast from Alzheimer's -- I asked her if she had any regrets. She said, "Oh, no. I've lived a life far better than I could have ever imagined."

I think I'd add humility to the list, too.

Thanks for the lovely comment.
vicki archer said…
A mother with infinite wisdom I think, xv.
Sherry said…
Yep, your mother was a wise woman. What a terrific post. If only more 6th graders (and beyond) could know that it's okay not to "fit in."
Sabenindam said…
Very nice story. Childhood is so short, adulthood so long, why rush things?
ellen abbott said…
I was a late bloomer too. Found my way here via 'post of the day' and read a little more. You have a new devotee.
Ms. Neha Gandhi said…
very beautiful story about your mom
Grace Albaugh said…
Thank you for your thought Kathleen. I'm glad your mother steered you in the right direction. Children want to grow up much to quickly. I too stayed a child for a long time. It was the best!
Jewels said…
What a lovely post!
Cheffie-Mom said…
Hi, I'm over from authorblog. Congratulations on the Post of the Day Award!
Kathleen said…
Vicki: Till the day she died, and then some! Thank stopping by!

Sherry: Thank you so much. Sounds like you may know some 6th graders. Sounds like you accept them as they are, too. What a gift.

Sabenindam: I agree 100%. And I'm beginning to believe, what's the rush at any age! I appreciate your visit and comment!

Ellen: Thank you stopping by, fellow late bloomer! May we be long bloomers, too!

Ms. Neha Ghandi: Welcome! Thank you for your comment. Hope you'll visit again soon!

Grace: Brava! Don't you still feel like one when you're on a bike? So glad you stopped by. Thank you for your comment!

Jewels: Hey there! So glad you paid a visit. And thank you for your comment. Hope you'll come back again!

Cheffie-Mom: Thank you. That David, he sure knows how to build a community, eh? I'm so glad you stopped by. Hope you'll be back again soon!

All--I'm sure my mom is grinning up a storm somewhere in the wild blue yonder. Thanks for honoring her sweet spirit!
Joycee said…
How wise your Mother was to give you "permission" to stay a child a little longer. Not all of up follow the crowd, some of us take our time and enjoy the trip.
joy c. at grannymountain
Kathleen said…
Joy: Welcome! I wonder how many kids people assume are trying to grow up fast would love to get the same permission. I was one lucky little girl. Thanks so much for visiting! It's great to make your acquaintance.

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