I rest my case


I am so not good at lying, which makes the game Two truths and a lie so challenging--and fun!

In some ways it's great not being able to lie. I can look my kids and Mr. B straight in the eye, tell them something they may find hard to believe, and say, "When have I ever lied to you?" Totally disarming!

So here's the truth and nothing but the truth:

1) I'd love to be able to show a video of my late aussie mix, Gracie, doing her stupid rubber band trick. When she was about a year old, she'd bring to me a rubber band dangling from her mouth, then wave it in front of my face till I took it and pulled back as far as I could. Next, she would narrow her eyes and begin wincing in anticipation as I pulled. As soon as it popped, she pranced the rubber band right back in her teeth, and waited for me to pull it again. Honestly, that is so weird, is it not? But it's the truth. What's a lie is that I never submitted a video to Dave Letterman. Thought about it, but have never owned a video camera.
Verdict: lie

2) You're a stinker, anonymous, whoever you are! Yep--this is from my reporting days, and I was talking about it yesterday at work, so I just may have a clue who you are! I covered a nasty capital murder trial back in the late 70s in Texas. A well-heeled call girl hired a hitman to off her parents so she could collect life insurance to pay off her hot checks. The hit man, someone who looked like he could have played a role in Silence of the Lambs, was rumored to have diamonds in his teeth. I wanted a scoop, so during a court recess, I marched right up to him and asked. He drew his lips back like some kind of evildoer, and sure enough, he had diamonds embedded in his canines. He never said a word, just that weird mouth move, like a warning snarl . Sentence: the worst one you can get in Texas.
Verdict: truth

3) When I came home from work after being lowered into the reactor chamber of a nuclear power plant under construction, I could barely believe the words coming out of my mouth as I was telling Mr. B about my day. And it always sounded like it would be a great story to tell my grandkids someday. Don't have any, so I told the blogsphere.
Verdict: truth.

Fun game, eh?

Will the following bloggers please rise and tell two truths and a lie (and tag 3 others)!
  1. Rudee of A Knitting Nurse (you made my day!!!!)
  2. Jane of Gaston Studio (blasted, that anonymous)
  3. Distracted by Shiny Objects of Tidings of Magpies (you can stop with the la la la now!)
  4. Pyzahn of Prattle from the flatlands (you, too!)
  5. Jennifer of Jennifer on the Verge (so glad you like this game!)
  6. Julie B of Watermelon Tourmaline (sorry, no video and, sadly, no Gracie either)
  7. Willow of Willow Manor (I see I cannot fool you, either!)

Thank you all for humoring my silliness

Go forth and multiply.

Court adjourned!

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Gaston Studio said…
I'm not good at lying either, but I'll give it a go... as soon as I can come up with something as good as you presented!
ellen abbott said…
I don't lie either. It's too hard. So much easier to tell the truth.
Alex the Girl said…
Okay, so your number 2 is something my second daughter would do. Of course, she's a nutcase in the making!
Rudee said…
Oh now see, number one was based on a truth and number two was based on a lie. If you'd said the reactor was under construction, I'd have gone with No. 1 as the lie...

I knew No. 3 was a truth-it was too hideous not to be based in fact.

I will have to ponder my truths and lies to see if I can sting you too! I wish I could see video of that pooch.
Joycee said…
Came over from Gaston Studio and so glad I did! This was a great post and fun to guess. This one needs to make the rounds, are you going to link it or may we borrow it?? Come visit me on GrannyMountain...joy c.
Grace Albaugh said…
sounds like you have a very exciting life Kathleen. Maybe we'll see these stories on a show about a journalist someday. Grace

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