Guest blogger: Charlotte

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Charlotte and I'm from Tennessee. (That's my sister Cora in the background, the one with one brown eye and one blue eye, which attracts a lot of attention--away from me!)

Anyway, a very nice couple found me as a stray pup when I was 4 months old and drove me all the way to Minnesota to be adopted. 

When I saw Kathleen milling around the crates at Petco one Saturday, she looked all hangdog and sad, and I just knew  she needed me. So I made  sweet eyes at her, and  it worked. In seconds flat, she had me out of my crate, hooked on a leash, and outside the store for a "test drive."

Mr. B was another story. He tried to talk Kathleen out of bringing me home. "I'm not done grieving Gracie yet," he said. "It's just been 10 days." But Kathleen made big ole sad eyes at him. And next thing I knew, I was snuggled up in Kathleen's lap with my ears flapping out a rolled-down window.

Life's been great ever since.

I agreed to do this guest blog on the condition: extra belly rubs tonight.

Kathleen's been spending way too much time working lately, and not enough time with me.  I can't tell you how many times I've dropped balls, bones, napkins, socks, and undies on her lap, only to have her pat my head and say, "In a minute, honey . . . I just need to finish this sentence." 

Does it really take 2 hours to finish a sentence?

If a sentence is anything like a rawhide, I'd have it finished in 2 minutes. You humans are a strange breed, but we love you anyway. It's in our gene pool, and besides, some of you really seem to need us.

The other problem is that Kathleen's spending way too much time blogging. I've even draped my body on the keyboard, but she pushes me away and tells me to go snuggle with Mr. B. She claims blogging is very important to her. But I reminded her that I'm important, too. So we struck a deal. She's promised not to blog every single night, and I promised I'd stop ripping up her Keens.

Hmmmm . . . that was a hard one. They smell soooooo good after a long hike.

So, let me know if you'd like me to be a guest writer again and what you'd like to hear about.

Did someone mention smells? The beagle in me would be happy to discuss that! 

Alrighty, then . . . I'm off to get my belly rub!


Julie B. said…
Awwwwwwwww doggies!!
Gaston Studio said…
So cute; don't you just love 'em!
Alex the Girl said…
Lovely meeting you, Charlotte. Do you come here often?
Rudee said…
Not the Keens! Charlotte, you really know how to hurt a girl. Cora has some, um, very compelling eyes.
Pyzahn said…
Love the tongue. Love the bandana. I think Cora has beautiful eyes. But Charlotte is a good blogger. I appreciate her ability to finish sentences in a timely manner.

But, alas, I do not know what a keen is?
Kathleen said…
Charlotte responds:

Julie--you really need to visit Kathleen this summer (and me, too)

Jane-- yes, we are pretty cute, but even though I jump like crazy to get notice, people always go for my beautiful big sister first. It's really annoying.

Alex--yes, I do come here often. Do you? If you see typos in Kathleen's posts, I'm usually the reason. I do a lot of pulling her hand off the computer with my paw, but it doesn't help. She just gets annoyed with me.

Rudee--I know. I just can't stop myself with those Keens. Kathleen climbed a mountain in Baja in those and they're just irristable. I suspect she's just going to give them to me before too long. Unfortunately, she threw away the little canvas ones she got at the REI scratch and dent sale. I thought that's what you're supposed to do. Scratch and dent them. Oh well, I'm young, and I'm still learning. Hey, Cora's eye's are pretty weird, huh?

Pyzahn--thank you. I've been working hard at pawing at the computer.
Oh, my goodness...get yourself down to an REI store right now and check out Keens. Once you try a pair on, you'll never chew, I mean, wear another brand. And you're very handsome dog will like them, too.

Bye for now...I'll be back again soon!
Joycee said…
Charlotte and Cora may need to do an intervention if the blogging takes up too much of "their time!" Charlotte, you did a great job with the post and I would love to hear more about your life. Push Mom aside and just jump right in there on the computer!
Kathleen said…
Charlotte responds:

Thank you, Joycee. Cora and I are working on an intervention. We're following all her mushing commands (gee, haw, on-by, straight out) in hopes we can do some dryland training this summer. Once we wear her (and her knees) out, we're pretty sure she'll just want to sleep, and the computer will all mine (er, ours) to tell you all about our lives!
Anonymous said…
Hi all. How are you?

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