Tell me, please

What did you
do today
to take

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Gaston Studio said…
Since today just started, I'll have to say that I spent a couple of hours on the couch yesterday afternoon when my back was killing me. Usually, I just ignore it and roll on, so that was definitely for me.
ellen abbott said…
Today I am taking care of my physical body. I'm going to the dentist to get my crown seated.
Alex the Girl said…
I slept til seven thirty instead of seven twenty-nine. The day just actually started for me. So I'll take your post as an inspiration to do something.
Rudee said…
I was just sitting here contemplating going back to bed. Maybe now I will.
Pyzahn said…
Well, I did some yoga. Now I'm reading my favorite blogs, which is great fun. Then I'm going to walk the dogs. And then I will work in the garden because that always gives me great satisfaction.

And during all that I will lose myself and not think about the job I'm interviewing for and paying the bills. Ugh. I just thought about it.
Grace Albaugh said…
I am loving myself even with all of my flaws today, and focusing on all of my talents.
Erin Davis said…
I cleaned out my office today (actually, I'm still cleaning). It was a job of monstrous proportions, and one that I have been putting off for far too long. I also tried to love my tummy today (not easy for me to do).
~ ennui ~ said…
I splurged and bought myself some California cherries- (@ 3.99 lb.) ouch! Sat on my front steps in the sunshine and ate about a lb. (I've got a cup full of pits to prove it)
Mr B said…
Today, I took care of myself by escaping to my garden! It reminds me of being at Peltos.
Linda B said…
I stopped midway on "To Do" list to watch St. Agnes live. Another grand graduation.I can see why you speak so highly of your school. WOW!!! What accomplished young ladies already.Meant for the grads,glad the message, songs and scripture could be received by all."On Eagle's Wings," seeing the inviting colors and outstretched arms above the altar, another WOW. Congrats to the proud aunt, love that you're having a wonderful trip home. Just got a call, so I've got almost 3 hrs to finish before another gets home.
Kathleen said…
Jane: Brava for you! I am working on listening to my body. I'm so bad about ignoring pain. I'm going to remember your comment next time something hurts

Ellen: Brave you! It's time for me to make a dentist appt, something I'm so chicken to do. Great reminder!

Alex: Yay! Extra minute is better than one less, eh?

Rudee: sure hope you did go back to bed! Rest is so underrated!

Pyzahn: You're good. Yoga, garden, dogs. I like the sound of that! Hope all went well with the interview!

Grace: Brava for you! Why is it so hard to learn to love ourselves? I admire you for doing just that!

Erin: Ha! I love that--tryng to love your tummy. A little extra stretch is not so bad a price to pay for delivering to the earth new human beings, eh? Aren't we lucky to have been able to do so!

~ennui~: Cherries! I can't wait till they hit co-ops here. Next to fresh raspberries that I pick in the morning to add to my soygurt and pecans, cherries are my favorite summer fruit. Sounds like a wonderful moment!

Mr B: I love to think of you puttering in your garden.Bravo!

Linda: How sweet of you to watch the graduation live! Erik said you had a picture for him of Simone walking the stage. You are such a dear! Thank for the wonderful package of pictures, CD, and graduation article. That picture on the card you sent--it's my absolute favorite photograph by Craig Blacklock. You must be so happy to have your lovely daughter home for the summer. Can I borrow her a bit, especially when Erik's in Portugal? Thanks for stopping by!

To all: Thanks for your inspiring comments. Now I have so new selfcare ideas. One can never have enough!

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