I accept!

Thank you kindly, Pyzahn, author of Prattle . . . from the Flatlands, for bestowing on me such a lovely award. Your blog and comments never fail to intrigue, tickle, and delight me. I'm honored you'd think of me!

Feels like I just got another birthday gift! (The Fam has a habit of extending the warranty on birthday celebrations at least a month to accommodate each person's sense of timing.)

Since I'm a relative newcomer to the blogsphere, I'm just beginning to get acquainted with fine folk of this cyberspace community. And most of you are highly decorated!

So I'd like to pass this honor to someone also new to blogging whose posts have helped me come to know what a dear young woman she is, what kindness abides in her heart and soul, and why my youngest is so partial to her.

Here's to you Julie B, geologist extraordinaire, of WatermelonTourmaline ! Keep those posts coming!


Rudee said…
Gaston Studio said…
What a different awared; congratulations to you!
Erin Davis said…
Well deserved. Kudos!

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