Romance on the prairie

A Bouquet of Wild Flowers
By Laura Ingalls Wilder

"The Man of the Place
brought me a
bouquet of wild flowers
this morning.
It has been a habit
of his for years.
He never brings me
cultivated flowers
but always
the wild blossoms
of field and woodland
and I think them
much more beautiful."

Originally published
in the Missouri Ruralist
(20 July 1917)

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Rudee said…
And so do I...
Gaston Studio said…
Oh yes, wild flowers are so free and beautiful! Good poem.
Pyzahn said…
Once when I was living out of state from my family but back for a visit, my young cousin stopped by and brought me a bouquet of wild flowers she had picked. To this day, I can remember few gestures that have touched me so deeply.

Thanks for reminding me of that sweet memory.
Erin Davis said…
Thanks for reminding me why I have loved Laura Ingalls Wilder since I was 5 years old.
Kathleen said…
Distracted, Rudee--me, three! Got a fave?

Gaston--well said: free and beautiful. I think that adds to the sweetness. Say, I've tried to add myself as a follower on your site 3 times and 3 time my computer has balked. But I'm determined to make it work. Just wanted you to know!

Pyzah--What a totally sweet gesture. You must have been quite special to your young cousin. I'm not surprised!

Erin--I had no idea that LIW had written so much besides the little house series. I was delighted to find out about her essays. I believe she was in her 50s or 60s when she wrote the piece I quoted. I'm looking forward to reading more of her work for adults now.

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