My oh my

I believe I may be coming down with a little bout of "time flew."

It's mild at the moment, only slightly bothersome. But by Saturday afternoon, the main symptom will be hard to miss: teary eyes.

My "little" buddy (dare I say my baby?) will to earn his bachelor's degree in geology on Saturday. And his proud family, even his Great Aunt Stella representing the Houston contingent, will descend upon the tiny town of Morris, Minnesota, to watch this fine young man walk the stage and accept his diploma.

As he begins this exciting new chapter, his many admirable qualities (among them, curiosity, compassion, competence, gentleness, strength, kindness, tenacity, ease of being) will serve him well all the days of his life.

Like a ball in a swimming pool, there's no holding this chap down. He always bounces back, ready for the next challenge.

From the toddler who unjammed his broken-down hand-me-down Fisher-Price tape recorder after weeks of tinkering to the newly minted scientist who knows his geomorphology, sedimentology, and even a bit of paleontology, this dude's a "rock" star! 

Way to go, big guy. Keep reaching for your dreams!

(aka e-bob, e-bake, e-blob, E)

Top image by FlyButtafly


Gaston Studio said…
How wonderful for your son and you; very proud of him you should be and I know that you are!

Great tribute!
Alex the Girl said…
How awesome is that? I can't get over how fast time seems to go once they hit high school that I can't even imagine college graduation. And a geologist at that. Imagine speaking about your son at a social event. "Oh yes, my son is in unearthing dinosaurs this week." "What is his occupation, you ask?" "Ah, he's a geologist."

(how mysterious and Indiana Joneish)

Great Tribute!
ellen abbott said…
Sounds like you raised a fine young man.
ellen abbott said…
Oh, and I meant to say, the 'time flew' only gets worse. My baby is going to be 30 this month.
Congrats to all of you and wishing you much joy with the celebrations. Oddly, HoneyHaired is looking at majoring in Geology. We were planning to road trip it to some colleges here in our section of the midwest this summer to take a look/see.
PS. Thanks for your words of wisdom during my worry frenzy of last week. It helped.:>)
~ ennui ~ said…
i really enjoy your writing.....i'll be back often!
Kathleen said…
Jane: practically bursting at the seems!

Alex: LOL! Would you believe he's going on an archeological dig to Portugal this summer. I'm SO jealous. And this was my "velcro" child. Who'd have guessed!

Ellen: Well, what mother doesn't think that, eh? Wow, by the time he reaches 30, I sure better have some grandkids. Just saying!

DBSO: If you're coming our way (Twin Cities) let me know. MN has some fantastic geology--great for those field camps they take. Beware, geo majors spend a lot of time in gorgeous parts of the country during school breaks, like summer! Sure Hope the worry frenzy has let go its grip! Erik blogged about geology in It's fantastic major for adventurers and quit types alike. Talk about staying "grounded"!!!
Grace Albaugh said…
Oh these momentous times. What emotions they evoke. Have a wonderful week end!
Rudee said…
He'll have a wonderful career. My sister has been a geologist for Exon for 27 years. Her husband works in ground water geology. They love it-and their globe trotting lives. Congratulations to all of you-especially him.
Erin Davis said…
Kathleen, my oldest son is graduating high school on June 5th. I definitely have a case of the time flew. I get a lump in my throat every time I think about it. Lots of family descending on Spokane for our big event as well!
Linda B. said…
Congratulations to the other Mr&Mrs B.What a glorious weekend for graduates!Whether going West or studying abroad - "so take a good look around." And parents suffering from "time flew," you may not want to watch or listen to Trace Adkins "You're Gonna Miss This." Way to go Grads and safe travels to all, including Stella. Love your blog, wisdom, and especially photos.
Kathleen said…
Grace: Thank you! It was quite a weekend!

Rudee: After seeing where he's traveled, I wish I'd majored in geology, too! Definitely seems like an employable major!

Erin: I remember that first big ole lump. It turned into waterworks. And when we deposited him at school, it felt so right. What a whirlwind!

Linda B: So great to see you in Morris! What lovely gifts for Erik. Thank you! Thanks for paying a visit to my blog!
Kathleen said…
~ennui~: thanks for visiting! I'm honored by your comments. I feel so fortunate to have found your blog (where I got to breathe!)

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