Be humble, for you are made of earth.
Be noble, for you are made of stars.

-- Serbian proverb


Beautiful quote--can see why it's a fave. The photo is stunning and perfect.
Well wishes for the commencement day. It's sounds like a good time was had. Nice to hear about a university not be all stuck in the mud and allowing this to be the day of celebration that it is.
Joycee said…
This is beautiful and so meaningful! Thanks for the comment yesterday at grannymountain. Now girl, if you want a rhubarb pie just go get those refrigerated pie crusts, cut up the rhubarb and add sugar...then bake. That's what I do and it's deelish!
joy c.
Grace Albaugh said…
How beautiful. Love both the proverb and the picture. So simple.
Erin Davis said…
Wonderful proverb! Where is the picture from? It's stunning.
Kathleen said…
DBSO: Thanks! About the graduation, I forgot to mention that the last song the great UMM choir sang before the band played the recessional: "Ain't got time to die"... brought the house down!

Joyce: OK. I. am. going. to. try. (eeks)

Jane: So glad you enjoyed the post!

Alex: I concur! (I looked for 2 hours for the right photo for that quote, and when I saw it, it practically jumped off the screen.) So thank you!

Grace: Doesn't it just say it all?! Glad you enjoyed it.

Erin: I think the photo is from Italy. The photographer's site is something to behold. click the the link on his name and have a look. His work is on flickr. So glad you liked the post!
Joanna said…
An incredible photograph, both the light and the subject--and a perfect match for the quote.
Kathleen said…
Joanna: Thanks so much. What fun to find a photo worthy of that quote!

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