Lighten up, already

After 24 hours of pointless brooding, I have concluded that I am taking my life and predicament of the month far too seriously.
All jokes, riddles, links to wildly funny posts, and quips are hereby requested. 
In the meantime, I'll keep myself entertained with these fine goofballs:

Image 1 by D'Arcy Norman
Image 2 by Linda Hartman
Image 3 by phae
Image 4 by mybloodyself


Rudee said…
We have to take ourselves seriously since nobody else does. I don't have much advice here, but George Carlin does:

“Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things”

Best I could do under the circumstances (I just woke up).
Pyzahn said…
When I was doing my current post, I ran across a quote that said..."If you smile when you're alone you know you mean it."

Thanks for the smiles.

And here's a link to a funny blog.
Erin Davis said…
My favorite poem by Ogden Nash:

God in his wisdom
made the fly
and then forgot
to tell us why

When I am having a hard time, I try to remember this poem. There's a reason for what's bothering me, even if the why is not immediately apparent. :0)
Julie B. said…
Whenever I need to smile I look at lolcats. They are amazing. Seriously.

Your photo is the one that made me laugh! Love it!
Hope said…
"It's like having my own tropical vacation!" said the Fleet Farm cashier, red and sweating. Had the four of us smiling about her attitude on hot flashes.

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