Answer me this...

Tell me something you did today
to take care
of yourself?

Image by mbgrigby


Rudee said…
I bought my husband some Breathe Right nasal strips in an attempt to get him to stop snoring. I'm hoping for a quiet night. Well you asked for it, didn't you?
Joanna said…
What a beautiful painting! I bought myself some tulips, though not quite as stunning as those ones.
And a very good question you pose as a reminder that we all need to nurture ourselves. Great blog.
Julie B. said…
I... made time for hugs? Oh, and I tried to be optimistic even though I'm completely exhausted.

Funny you should post a message about taking care of ourselves the night before my senior seminar, because I certainly have not taken enough care of myself in the last two weeks!

Gonna change that tomorrow though! Then I can finally take a break!
Pyzahn said…
I started the day with some yoga, then treated myself to a late afternoon nap.

Thanks for reminding us all that we need to be kind to ourselves.
Erin Davis said…
Well, last night I started yoga again. And I started the South Beach diet today in order to make myself more healthy all the way around.
I love this painting. Tulips make me swoon.
Kathleen said…
From buying Breath Rights for snoring hubbies to doing yoga to accepting hugs to eating well, cheers and tulips to all who answered here!

And if you didn't comment, what one thing would you have done to take care of yourself.

My answer: I napped when I returned from work.

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