Childhood memory

Palo Alto Morning
April 7, 2009

A pouty shroud
of morning fades,
her time today gone

and gloss arrives to
lounge about every
dark, waxy leaf

moving like some
grande dame who
simply must cast off

a slipstream of ivory
scent, more delicate than
lemons thinly sliced

I know what this means.
I squint and sneeze;
Magnolias have opened.

© All rights reserved.
For Mom, who introduced me to these beauties
Image by machado17


Erin Davis said…
What a beautiful way to describe a magnolia. I especially love "more delicate than/lemons thinly sliced."
Pyzahn said…
You are a woman of many talents.
Rudee said…
I love Magnolias. This was beautiful Kathleen.
Kathleen said…
Erin, Pyzahn, Rudee--thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to poetry. But I know I need poems in my life every day. I've had one creative writing class that was wonderful and basically gave us permission to experiment. But I know no rules or tradition. So very much welcome any and all feedback.

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