Birthday presents today:

Beautiful weather
Regular work hours
Tender memories
Dinner with Mr B, eldest son, only daughter, and Sarah Jane
Dark chocolate graham crackers and love-filled Obama-mama card
Water color painting of trees along Lake of the Isles by talented Sarah Jane
Phone call from youngest son
Birthday e-mail with fantastic pictures from Amy darling
Happy pups with tails a-wagging
Silly birthday song voicemail from beloved nieces in Houston
Text message from Julia dear
Sweet e-mail from Princess Sherry
Hilarious e-card from NWD
Birthday e-mail from WintermoonSummersun
72-point font "Happy Birthday" from colleague Aaron
"Eye-pod" card in the mail from CCR
Post of the Day citation from good-hearted David at authorblog
Delightful, funny, inspiring, insightful comments from friendly bloggers
A good-night kiss from Mr. B

All in one day! Just doesn't get much better than that.

Thank you one and all for making this a very fine day.

In gratitude, this one's for YOU . . . go ahead, take 5:

Image from here 


david mcmahon said…
Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Kathleen.
Kathleen said…
Thank you, again, David. Yes, it was a splendid birthday.
Gaston Studio said…
It really sounds like you had a wonderful day. Happy birthday Kathleen, a bit late but heartfelt!
Rudee said…
Happy birthday Kathleen!
Renie Burghardt said…
Sounds like a pretty great birthday, to me. May I add my own good wishes? Happy Birthday, Kathleen.

Birthday hugs and blessings!!!
Pyzahn said…
Ah, I missed it. From one earth sign to another, I hope all you days are as special as this one.

The images on the video were so lovely. I needed to see/hear that on a "get back under the covers" day.
Hope said…
Happy Thought- "The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." RLS Happy Birthday yesterday! Thanks for the grateful reminder.
P.S. Fairly Radical Notion, looking forward to KARE 11 Victory Gardens on Sunday night.
Julie B. said…
I was hoping to chime in sometime when Erik called you yesterday, but ended up not being around when he did. So, it's a bit late, but Happy Birthday! I'm glad to hear that you had such a nice day filled with such nice things. Take care!
Erin Davis said…
I'm glad you had a birthday full of so many blessings. Thanks so much for sharing the video. What a wonderful way for me to start my day!
Happy day indeed. Wishing you many, many've packed a lot into these 29years:>)
Thanks for the gratitude video. We do seem to miss the forest for the trees most days.xxxooo
Mr B said…
The happiest of birthdays to you, sweetypie.
To infinity and beyond!
Hope said…
Oops! P.S. Correction: KARE Extra on Victory Gardens is tonight/Thursday, not Sunday.Wonderful ideas you had last month on the subject. Enjoy your son's homemade syrup.

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