Dove or woman?

Thank you to knitting nurse for the inspiration...

The last time I spent a weekend at my favorite escape, a retreat farm called Clare's Well, I managed to quiet my head by Saturday afternoon. I sat on the narrow little bed along the south-facing windows, utterly guiltfree, just staring outside as the sun warmed me almost to sleep.

I always notice birds when I'm there. And on this visit, a dove caught my eye.

Just steps away from my hermitage, she sat on a bare tree limb, perfectly balanced. From time to time, she'd come down, take a few steps on the ground, stand about for a bit as if transfixed by something, then fly back up to her leafless branch.

All her movements were so slow and measured and patient. Even when the chilly March breeze swayed her branch, she simply kept her balance, unruffled, able to shift and adjust.

What is like to be so present, so unbothered, so still, I wondered?

Funny how it took me till now to realize how gently she was guiding me.

Image by Eric Begin


Rudee said…
Sometimes it's important to just be. We fill our lives with so much clutter that it's hard to decipher what's important. For you it was a dove, for me, it's knitting takes me to that place.
Pyzahn said…
Rudee is so right. Letting go and just being in the moment is very difficult. Going with the flow takes practice. I've been trying to "get it" for quite a while. I am a work in progress.

Your dove makes a lovely teacher.
Kathleen said…
Rudee--I think I should learn to knit. Where do I start?
Pyzahn--So true...I love that Michaelangelo quote: "I am still learning."
Erik said…
Ma this reminds me of last August on the North Shore. You went out to meditate on the rocks overlooking Lake Superior and seemed so calm, yet focused, present but far. I think you have more in common with that dove than you think!
Kathleen said…
Thanks, E, I'll do my best to remember that. --ma

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