Got a code in my noathe

and a cough in my chest and tummy troubles and I think I'm just going to go to bed now.
Night, night...

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Rudee said…
Hope you're in the pink soon. By the way, I love that picture of the tree on your header. Did you take that? It's beautiful and makes me think of spring.
Pyzahn said…
What a funny floating cow head.

Sorry you're under the weather. Spring colds, arrrghh. For me, nothing works better than sleep. Well, first a shot of that green syrup stuff that helps you sleep. Then just letting the body do its own healing.

Sweet dreams, my friend.
Erin Davis said…
Feel better soon. Great picture!
Kathleen said…
Rudee--I WISH I had the talent to take such a picture. But, no, I did not. I love it, too, though it's a bit jumbo-sized, wouldn't you say. Not sure how to right-size it. There's a photo credit along with a quote at the top of the right column.
P--I've had so much sleep these past 2 months, I really should be beatufuller. But, yes, I totally agree. Sleep and good cough medicine!
E--Am on the mend...glad you liked the picture
Thanks, all for your, get-well wishes!

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