A sacred pause . . .

"I need to recover a rhythm in my heart
that moves my body first and my mind second,
that allows my soul to catch up with me.
I need to take a
sacred pause,
as if I were a sun-warmed rock
 in the center of a rushing river."

~ Dawn Markova

Here's hoping surgery on my right knee tomorrow at noon (central) helps me move back into the beautiful rhythms of being an adventure grrl again soon.
All healing thoughts most welcome!

Image by by Dave


Rudee said…
Wishing you a speedy recovery, Kathleen.
Gail said…
A truck load of healing thoughts are on their way to you.

Get well soon.
steven said…
hey kathleen, of course i'll be wishing you a speedy recovery and that the world opens up again for you the way it ought to. steven
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

You'll be skipping around in no time! I'll be thinking of you.
Gaston Studio said…
You'll do just fine Kathleen! Listen to your knee after surgery. Sending prayers by the bucketload.
ellen abbott said…
Yes, a speedy recovery. The dogs need mushing!
Sending loving, healing thoughts your way, lady.
Oh My Goddess said…
I'm sending all the healing angels to your side!
Be well!
Alix said…
That sacred pause thingy? Yeah. Me too!
Hilary said…
Sending my best healing thoughts your way.

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