My bad . . .

blogging manners are showing up again. Please forgive me? 

My cup runneth over with gratitude . . . thank you blog pals for your lovely gestures of kindness:

From Alix of Casa Hice

I've seen this sweet patch on many a blog I adore. So I was truly honored when Alix presented it to me! Well, frankly, she made my day. Now the tough part: pass it on to 15 bloggers. (I just can't do favorites, because I just adore everyone on my 2 blog rolls.) So my selection is random: I closed eyes and pointed -- mostly. I know that not all these bloggers accept awards, and that's OK. I also know that some already have this award. And that's OK, too. I just want them to know how much I enjoy my visits and hope to steer some traffic their way. Hope you'll consider a visit!

  1. From the House of Edward -- luminous writing and images
  2. The Golden Fish  -- gorgeous, simply gorgeous visuals, thoughts, and ambience
  3. WayStationOne  -- the Jedi master of prose . . . he has the power
  4. Freckled Writer  -- a poet whose work will leave you breathless
  5. Faces in Places  -- you've just got to see this to believe it -- a riot
  6. Napple Notes  -- brilliant, simply brilliant
  7. Yukon Yahoos  -- empty your bladder before reading -- you have been warned
  8. Northernmost  -- life in Finnish Lapland with sweethearts on 4 legs
  9. The Daily Dog -- breathtaking writing + most impressive photography
  10. Jennifer on the Verge -- stunning originality, boundless heart, and intelligent humor
  11. Abstract Landscape Painting  -- watch as her style and color sense unfold with each work
  12. Forgotten Bookmarks  -- artifacts that marked pages of old and used books
  13. Shared Waters  -- One up-and-coming fine poet, artist, and keen observer
  14. Occasionally J  -- perfect mix of photographer, world observer, and excellent writer
  15. Granny Mountain  -- honestly, I don't know how she keeps coming up with this stuff

From Hilary of The Smitten Image  :

Hilary gave me a Post of the Week award for a little piece I wrote about coming to terms with an empty nest, "Leaving Las Vegas" back in October. Thank you, Hilary, both for the nod and for the great service you provide by connecting us!

From Alex of Please Try Again 

Who doesn't love comments? Awesome Alex the Girl has left some fantastic ones here. And apparently she likes the ones I leave, because she gave me a Super Comments nod back in August (hangs head in shame). So allow me to pay tribute to theses bloggers who make be think, laugh, smile, and sigh. Post your panda with pride (that is, only if you wish):

  1. Janie&Steve's Utah Trails  -- blue skies, vista after vista, horses, and a dog named Daisy
  2. A Knitting Nurse  -- someone you want on your team
  3. Casa Hice (boomerang!) -- Alix positively sparkles!
  4. Melrose Musings  -- a gentleman who picked Miss Piggy to be his date to Willow Manor Ball
  5. Lost & Found in India  -- who warps the space/time continuum with how quickly she responds
  6. Stuff From Ellen's Head  -- glass artist extraordinaire with much wisdom to share
  7. Smitten Image  -- just makes you happy to be alive
  8. Oh My Goddess  -- Southern charm + wisdom+ generosity galore
  9. Circling My Head -- every word feels like a gift
  10. SixtyFiveWhatNow  -- Provocative and honest look at post-retirement life
  11. Mimi  -- Thoughtful and inspiring
  12. Boomer Baby Bliss  -- Eclectic mix of storytelling, vintage images, and sassy fiction

Happy reading!




ellen abbott said…
Thank you so much Kathleen. I appreciate this, you, very much.
Alix said…
Boomerang!!! I love it, and I love you and I thank you for the Super Comments Award. I accept it graciously! Comments are so fun to leave - especially after a super terrific read. Which I always find here. Which is awesome and wonderful and makes commenting easy. Perhaps I should start my own award: The I'm So Lucky To Have Found Your Blog Award. You'd be my first recipient!

Thanks again for the honor, chica!
Hilary said…
Thanks very kindly, Kathleen. Much appreciated. I'll include that panda in my slideshow of awards very soon. :) A congrats to you for awards received.
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
LOVELY and thank you for my adorable comment award!! I don't feel deserving of that lately since I've had to work so much. But I love the little Panda and thank you from the bottom of my happy heart!!! ♥♥♥
steven said…
kathleen, thankyou for the generous mention! thankyou also for the list of cool blogs which i will spend some time this weekend looking through! have a lovely day. steven
Gaston Studio said…
Congratulations on your wonderful awards Kathleen! I know many of the bloggers you've passed them onto and with the ones I'm not familiar with, will have fun in the discovery!
Rudee said…
Thank you, Kathleen. I hope you're doing well.
Joycee said…
I'm reading in Google Reader this morning and to my great pleasure I read kind words on your blog! Thank you sweet girl...
joy c. at grannymountain
Oh My Goddess said…
Thank you Kathleen!
Hope you are feeling better!
I love that Panda, and your beautiful blog!
J said…
Thanks so much for including me, and what you said about my blog. It means a lot to me!
Brian Miller said…
from one jedi master to another...smiles. thanks for the blog love kathleen!
Erin Davis said…
Kathleen, thanks so much for the kind mention. My poetry wheels have been turning so slowly lately. You've inspired me to get them moving again!
Janie said…
Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, Kathleen. Talk about bad Blogger manners, I have some awards I've had for months and never passed on. I'm going to get on it, though. Really soon.
Aren't you sweet! How wonderful to visit and receive an award. Both Edward and I thank you very much!!!
Derrick said…
A belated but still genuine Thank You for listing me among these other worthies, Kathleen. You're right, I haven't got the panda but will proudly add it to my sidebar. Well done you for being selected too.
dogsled_stacie said…
Hey thanks for the shout-out, so great to hear people are merely reading the blog, let alone ENJOYING it! I thought it was just my mom out there... LOL

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