Look what happens when you dare to ask

Wild Horse Island, Montana
I receive e-mails from a catalogue company whose merchandise is pure eye candy. On rare occasion, when something is in the "outlet" section and I simply can't live without it (which usually means it's a piece of intriguing jewelry), I splurge, meaning shell out less than $30.

Recently, an e-mail featured the most amazing fingerless gloves (mitts) and I was really tempted because it can get a little frosty in my cube in the middle of winter.

And then I stopped.

Wait! I know someone who knits like nobody's business. I could show them to her and see if she might be willing to whip up a pair.

And so I got up the courage and asked. And guess what? She accepted!

So now, I have in my possession a most enviable treasure.
(Cue drum roll)

CanCan mitts
Created by our very own wondrous knitting nurse blogger, Rudee!

Here's what the accompanying card said about them:

"Here are your CanCan mitts in Mountain Colors, a Montana yarn company that makes all its yarn and names the very vivid colors after natural places found in Montana. Your mitts are in Wild Horse--named after Wild Horse Island."

See, Rudee gave me two choices for the yarn and I had to pick one based on name alone. That's right, sight one unseen. Of course, there was no way I couldn't pick a name with "Wild" in it. And I couldn't be happier. They're deliciously soft, seductively fascinating, cozy beyond reason, and, dare I say, sexy -- or at least pretty darn sassy!

No, the lovely hand model is not me. That's PreciousGrrrlChild, who managed to inherit the finest bone structure and skin that both sides of the family had to offer. Not exactly the perfect ensemble to show off the mitts, but, well, you get the picture

Anyway, as I opened the package just as I was about to dash off to Clare's Well last weekend, Mr. B nabbed one from me and put it on. You've really got to watch that man like a hawk! His head is way bigger than mine, and he's managed to stretch out sunglasses, hats, and headbands that he's swiped for me!

My CanCan mitts will be joining me at safely at work, serving as a reminder of the amazing talent and kindness of people I only know through silent words and photos, but who from time to time reach right through this strange veil of our cyberworld and touch our hearts.

So here's to Rudee, knitter extraordinaire, state fair blue winner ribbon, hospice nurse, and all-around kind soul!

Thank you, my dear. The check's almost in the mail along with some piece of unnamed beadwork.

(PS: Check out Rudee's staycation list in her sidebar, item #2: :^D)

Image of Wild Horse Island by montantanavrcampground


Mimi said…
They are beautiful!
I recently downloaded a picture of a pair of those things and am hoping !! to knit them when I get some quiet moments, maybe in the year dot?
Fair play to Rudee! Blogging rocks!
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
Those are just adorable!!! What a neat idea, too! Might go and pay her a little visit!
Gail said…
I love them! I love the name!

Rudee is so kind hearted, she probably did these while on "vacation".

Not only are they beautiful but made with love, what could be better than that?
Alix said…
Yowza! Those are rockin!!! I wouldn't have resisted yarn by the name of Wild Horse either. Perfect choice and the mitts are straight-up gorgeous! LOVE, love, love them.

PGC is also a terrific model. Look at that freaking manicure. Are you serious? And that face! You're not kidding about bone structure and good skin. Sigh... to be young and beautiful and have a crack at wearing hand-knitted Wild Horse mitts. It's died and gone to heaven goodness.

Enjoy them!
ellen abbott said…
Wow, those are very cool. Much better when made by someone you know.
Rudee said…
Thank you, Kathleen. I'm so pleased you like them. You couldn't have displayed them more beautifully.

Mimi, go for it! These were a fun knit.
Sande said…
We don't ask often enough ... something probably to do with that I word .... independence. hmmmm.
lakeviewer said…
These Can can mittens are cool.
Janie said…
Beautiful sunset pho to, and the vingerless gloves look like a great idea. Pretty and practical, too.
Anonymous said…
Kudos to the talented Knitting Nurse, the beautiful model, and the beadworker. Ahhhh, Montana looks lovely as ever, too!
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

As someone who can have cold hands in high summer, I could use something like these! The fingerless gloves one usually sees always reminded me of an old miser, counting his coins! Those wild horse colours are, well, wild! Hope they do the trick.

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