' . . . it knows the insides of clouds

"There is something
alive in a feather.
The power of it perhaps
in its dream of sky,
currents of air,
and the silence
of its creation.
It knows the
insides of clouds.
It carries our needs
and desires,
the stories of our

~ Linda Hogan

Image by Kenneth Smith
2008 Seattle Pi


Hilary said…
I agree.. there's something special about feathers. I pick up most every one of them that I find and keep them in a ceramic jar.
Alix said…
It knows the insides of clouds...

Wow. Those words. That image. The feeling.

I love gorgeous words. And I love you, Kathleen.
Lydia said…
So gorgeous. When I find a feather on our property I always think of it as a thank you for the birdfeeding stations dotted all around the place.
steven said…
oh kathleen that's breathtaking!! the photograph and the words are so exquisite!!! i love finding feathers - they're like little accidental gifts. have a peaceful day. steven
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

I see we've gone GIANTSIZE with the new header! Super feather pic too; wonderful colours. The verse is very evocative.
Renie Burghardt said…
Lovely, Kathleen. Yesterday one of my visiting granddaughters found a wild turkey feather and was excited about it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Janie said…
A feather is a good symbol for dreams, since it has so little substance, and yet can lift a creature into the heavens.
Great image with the blue feather nestled with the autumn leaves.
Renee said…
What a beautiful picture. I love the the feather has been in the clouds.

Love Renee xoxo
Kathleen said…
@Hilary: I always feel like I've received a gift when I find a feather. I find myself looking around to see who left it! LOL!
Kathleen said…
@ Alix: You found my favorite phrase! One of many reasons why love you too!
Kathleen said…
@Lydia: That is just beautiful! When I go to my favorite retreat farm, I often sprinkle bird seed around my hermitage. At some point a flock of guinea fowl comes squawking by, and I usually get a fun little polka dot feather as a "thank you."
Kathleen said…
@Steven: We feather lovers seem to have that in common--seeing them as gifts. What's your favorite feather>
Kathleen said…
@Derrick: Oh my gosh, but I have had a battle with blogspot and my header. I think I need to learn html so I can get it to cooperate. I've shrunk the gargantuan size header, but now it only fills up half the space. Any suggestions? Glad you liked the verse and image.
Kathleen said…
@Gail: Thank you! So glad you stopped by for a visit!
Kathleen said…
@ Renie: I don't think I've ever seen a wild turkey feather. I hope you'll post a picture sometime! I am most grateful to have made your acquaintance this year, my other friend Renie!
Kathleen said…
@Janie: Wow. That makes so much sense. If I dream, I rarely recall it. But the next time I find a feather, I'm going to try very hard to remember if I've had a dream! Than you for that!
Kathleen said…
@Renee: isn't that just a marvel? So glad you liked the photo!

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