Oh my stars!

And the hole in the blogosphere just got smaller.

First we learned that Eddie Bluelights of Clouds and Silver Linings is carrying on the delightful tradition of the Sunday Roasts (fun interviews with bloggers) started by David McMahon, who recently "retired" his authorblog to spend more time on his literary pursuits. Watch for Eddie's first roast this Sunday. I guarantee you I will!

And now, thanks to the divine author of Oh My Goddess, we will be treated weekly to her new feature -- The Goddess Awards, which will build this amazing community by pointing us to visit-worthy posts.

In her own words:

"I visit quite a few blogs and am often really impressed by the writing, or artistic beauty that other bloggers post. In the spirit of acknowledging the creativity and brilliance that is to be found in the blogosphere, I will list and link to those posts that have captivated me. I plan to post my list once a week.

Some of you may remember a similar idea that Dave McMahon was doing on his Authorblog. I always thought his Post of the Day was a good hearted gesture, and I was extremely proud to have been selected by him. Now that he has moved on, I want to continue the good energy of acknowledging a job well done. And to David, if you are reading this, I say Thank You for paving the way."

Would you look at that gorgeous hair!!!

I am truly honored to have received one of the first new Goddess Awards
for my empty-nest lament, What I must let go.
Thank you, OMG, thank you very much. 

And as I was clicking around to collect all links* for this post, I discovered yet another blogger who is weaving back together the rip in the blogfabric left by dear David. It appears that Hillary, author of The Smitten Image, is adding a Post of the Week feature on Wednesdays.

In her own words:

" . . .David gave me his blessing. You are acquainted with me well enough to know that I don't post anywhere near daily but I do come across many fine blog posts over the course of the week, so I've decided to venture into doing a 'Posts of the Week" instead. I hope you'll come to know a few new blogs by clicking on the links which I'll suggest. Also, keeping true to David's method, I'd like you to feel free to mention and link to your own favourites in the comments section of my POTW - if you wish.

I'll try to make a point of publishing the POTW each Wednesday but hope you'll all understand if I'm not always quite as organized as our friend, David. He has left mighty big shoes to fill."

Are those not the eyes of someone who loves whimsy?

If I wasn't burning the midnight oil on a work project (yes, I'm taking a little break), I would add blingees to the photos of these wonderful stars who are brightening the blogsphere. But I think a stop by their blogs will add plenty of sparkle to your day (or night, as it were).

So, to quote David: Do pay them a visit.

And David, if you're out there, would you look what you started! What do you have to say for yourself, sir?

*Number of links in this post: 11 (whew!)


Alix said…
Awesome! I got a nod just before David hung up his POTD hat. It was such a thrill. I'm so delighted that the goodness continues and is being paid forward on his behalf.
Hilary said…
You're so sweet to link and point your readers to Eddie's, Oh My Goodness' and my directions. Thank you so kindly for that. It's lovely to see just how many people David's kindness has touched over the years, and very cool to be able to help keep that going in this small way. Congrats on your Goddess award, and thank you again for linking to us all. :)
jinksy said…
There is obviously a great urge to darn the hole (left by authorblog's walking feet) in the sock heel of blogland. It must be an uderlying houswifely attitude coming to the fore...
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

I was thrilled to be selected by Goddess too! They will all need 'full batteries' to search through the riches of the blogosphere.
ellen abbott said…
Well, Kathleen, you certainly deserve it. My own post yesterday was a direct result.
I am off to visit your suggestions!! Thanks for the map!
Oh My Goddess said…
Hi Kathleen!

Dave was really onto something, and it feels good to be part of continuing it. People are so creative!

Thanks for liking my silver hair. Believe me, I earned it!
Janie said…
Congratulations on your goddess award. I'm glad to know these brave souls have taken up David's banner and will keep us all on our toes and doing our best.
Akelamalu said…
I just read your Sunday Roast interview over at Eddie's and really enjoyed it, especially the 'sugar' story.

Nice to meet you. :)
Sandi McBride said…
I collect cats and friends...the cats just find me, the friends I go searching for. You make my search that much easier...thanks, pal!

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