Another reason why 2 good knees are a must!


Any suggestions on how I can get Mr. B to go to Arthur Murray's with me?

*And mushing, of course.

(Right knee scheduled for surgery November 5)


Gaston Studio said…
An anniversary present?

Guilt about something?
Janie said…
Ah, fun video. I love watching tango. It always looks so romantic.
I dragged Steve to dance lessons one season. We had fun, but I doubt I'd ever get him there again...
Good luck with your fella. Maybe you could bribe him?
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

Is it me, or has it got hot in here?! You'll be shimmying your way around the dancefloor in no time - and if Mr B has any sense, he'll BE THERE!

BTW, I am from Yorkshire, England, which I'm sure you know already.
ellen abbott said…
I actually got Husband to take swing/jitterbug lessons with me (I could already do it but I wanted a partner). After the first series of lessons I let him off the hook. Seriously, the guy has no rythym or sense of a beat in music. It was embarrasing.
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
Are you saying YOU are having knee surgery? Replacement or arthroscopic? Next week, it will be exactly ONE year since I had my arthroscopic ... let us know.
♥ Braja said…
Well hell, if he won't go with you, I WILL!!
Derrick's Aussie Mate said…
I can honestly see myself doing this tango with Richard Gere.He is the only one I am prepared to do it with.I dont think Jennifer Lopez did a very good job of it and I detected a little dissatisfaction there in Richard.I know it sounds arrogant but i think he would have enjoyed it better with me. I hope he reads this!
steven said…
yeah i watched the video and thought - hmmmm, my left knee would probably give out there, and there, and definitely there! but it'd be worth it just to have a few moments dancing with that very lovely woman!!! steven
Hilary said…
That sure is a romantic dance.. sigh.

Good luck with the surgery. I'll send best, healing thoughts.
Alix said…
Hey Kathleen... when you find out the trick to getting hubby to take ballroom dancing lessons, let me know. Larry has two left feet and I want to channel my inner Cheryl Burke.
Kathleen said…
@Jane: I mentioned Christmas present tonight. We'll see!

@Janie: I think I did by mentioning the fact that it's a sexy dance!

@Derrick: You noticed the heat, did you? Perhaps you could have a word with Mr. B. And no, I did not know about Yorkshire! Thank you!

@Elln: So now what? Have you got a dancing buddy on the side? Sounds fund!

@Boomer: Yep I'm having he same thing done to my right knee that was done to my left knee, with hopes that I'll be returned to adventurrgrrrl status by the beginning of the year. I'm planning a mushing trip Mid January!

@Braja: You're on!!! If he has two left feet, we'll need to meet in the middle: Spain?

@Derrick's Aussie Mate: As in Melrose Derrick? So you know how to Tango! I'm green with envy!!! I hope Mr Gere get's win of this, too!

@Steven: You crack me up. But you wouldn't even notice a twinge here or there (from your knees, that is +:-)

@Hillary: thank you! I intend to post about it. The left knee was quite the adventure!

@Alix: I do believe you'd be the belle of the ball on DWTS! Go FOR IT!!! And I promise to pass along any great tips! I have a sense we'll be laughing our fool heads off, but you just never know! Hey, maybe we should have a virtual DWTS!

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