Just call me 'Zonked'

Oh, my, but it's been a bit wild in these parts the past week.
Wild as in madly pounding away at they keyboard to meet a work deadline and barely looking up to see beautiful October snow!
And tomorrow, I head off to the Wild West to move my youngest to "Sin City", Nevada

Greetings to my new friends who've arrived via Eddie Bluelight's Sunday Roast.
Hi to my all my blogpals.
As soon as I get a break in the action, I'll be pounding away relying to your lovely comments.

I suppose it's no surprise that Charlotte and Cora are not at all happy about this trip (or this picture) and both declined to guest blog.
But who knows? Maybe they'll stop pouting in a couple days and make an appearance.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go take a catnap before I leave for the airport in 4 hours


Image by the noggin nogged


My best to all of you as you make this transition

Let's look at early November for lunch or coffee!
Derrick said…
Oh Kathleen,

And here was I, hoping to meet up with you at Willow's Manor Ball! Well, have a pleasant time moving your son. I hope "the girls" will be talking to you when you get back!
Gaston Studio said…
Good luck on the transition, for sure. Am now heading over to Eddie's to see your Sunday Roast!!
Linda B. said…
Ahhh.Adorable kitty, exciting trip, time to relax. Enjoy!!! As a huge Julie Andrews fan, I'm enjoying her and daughter Emma's new book, "Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies." Even includes 4 poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, who your blog has introduced me to. Is it too late to send hugs out west.
Gaston Studio said…
Great Sunday Roast Kathleen!

BTW, how'd you get that photo of me falling asleep on my keyboard?
Anonymous said…
What is it with Kitties and Keyboards? Find white hairs on mine every day. Love the picture.
lakeviewer said…
Snow? So early? I'm not ready yet.
Renee said…
Cheers to new adventures and undertakings.

Renee xoxo
Rudee said…
Have a great trip!
J said…
Snow, in October - are you actually santa claus in disguise! ;) Love the photo.
Gail said…
Cats nap in such strange places.
Elizabeth said…
Have a safe trip and try and get some rest!
Ribbon said…
Snow... how wonderful! Only in my dreams.
Have a safe journey and we look forward to your return.

best wishes

PS.. love the cat shot :)
♥ Braja said…
Have fun, lovely :) Don't forget us....xo
Beth said…
It never snows in south Georgia. Never. We have to pay someone to chip up ice just for the effect of snow. And then it melts quickly.

It was fun reading your roast!
Linda B. said…
Sorry, but you're missing more Oct. snow this morning. Monday's snow must have inspired a little girl at the grocery store. She was singing Jingle Bells, bringing smiles to all in earshot! Bring some warm temps back with you please! Yes, well done roast.
Renee said…
Oh Kathleen please use the a to z, I don't even remember where I got it from.

Now if you weight in at 217 pounds, well then we are twins.

steven said…
hello kathleen - lovely to see you surface again!!! best wishes on this transition - i remember my mum doing much the same for me a very very long time ago!!! steven
Hilary said…
Have a safe trip. I love the kitty getting all waffle-faced on the keyboard. :)

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