Of fullness . . .

Since there is no rice in the begging bowl I put in flowers.

~ Basho

Image by nozhika


Hilary said…
Beautiful shot.. just lovely.
Gaston Studio said…
OMG, that is a beautiful photo and flower... but what kind of flower is that Kathleen? A type of clematis?
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

That Basho knew a few things!
Alix said…

Would that we could have all our empty vessels filled with flowers.
lakeviewer said…
So beautiful and serene.
♥ Braja said…
Simple and beautiful
Gail said…
Again, simply beautiful.
Kathleen said…
@Hillary: Thank you!

@Jane: It's a Japanese Dogwood . . . seemed fitting!

@OMG: Why, thank you!

@Derrick: I'm just learning about Basho!

@Alix: mmmm...yes, indeed. And that we see fit to put flowers in them when they are empty!

@lakeviewer: So glad you found it so!

@Braja: That's the ticket, yes?

@Gail: Thank you!

@Boomer: Thank you!
Janie said…
An appropriate addition, I think. Beauty feeds the soul.

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