Did you hear the good news yet?

I've been mourning like crazy the departure of the beloved authorblog from our online community. David McMahon has been such a prince, every day connecting us to each other with his Post of the Day feature, entertaining us with his verses, showing us beautiful photography and the stories behind it.

I never could imagine how he did it all. So I'm genuinely pleased that he's using his time now to pursue his literary career. But it sure felt like massive tear in the fabric of the blogsphere had occurred, and don't you just it hate it when that happens.

But here's the good news:

The famous Sunday Roast,
in which David interviewed bloggers, 
lives on!

Edwin saves the day

David has passed the microphone to Eddie Bluelights, the charming author of Clouds and Silver Linings . He's got an entire post listing all the bloggers who've been roasted since David began the weekly interviews Feb 3, 2008. It's a gold mine, I tell you!

So if your heart is still aching from not seeing authorblog at the top of your blog roll, head on over to Eddie's (a 7-time POTD winner!) and start following. That's where I'm going this minute. I hear he's got a rendition of the Wizard of Oz in the making, and I've got see what that's all about!

Thanks, Eddie, for keeping the Sunday Roast tradition alive and sharing with us a your own brand of good cheer.

So ring the bells, beat the drums, and spread the news!

(Doesn't it feel like that giant hole in the universe just got a bit smaller!)

Image from astroengine.com 
Image from estatevault.com


Ribbon said…
thanks for all of that ...

best wishes
Alix said…
Oh yay! I was recently included on one of David's POTD features and was only beginning to get to know him when he had to put his energies justifiably elsewhere, but I was so very sad to see him go.

Eddie Bluelights is a daily treat! I am so glad to hear the torch has been passed to him.
Janie said…
I'm glad someone is taking up the banner for the Sunday Roast. I checked out Eddie's list and it was fun to peruse.
I, too, miss David, but I never could figure out how he had time for all he does. I'll look forward to his book!
Thank you Kathlene for your support and I am very encouraged by the response we are all getting for the Roast - I think we should get a good viewing to the first Roast next Sat/Sun.
Thank you for your following as well - I shall sign up to you but I shall be able to visit ocassionally because 'everything is going bananas' and I shall have to clone myself soon.
I am starting to write OZ again now the spadework for roasts is done ~ Eddie x
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
I missed this news, but I've been out of it of late. So busy, so tired. Thanks for sharing the word. ♥
Kathleen said…
@Ribbon: You bet! I'm happy to spread the word!
Kathleen said…
@Alix: Yes, I believe that's how I found your blog, through David and POTD. That Eddie is quite the character, isn't he?
Kathleen said…
@Janie: Have you read his first book? I haven't been able to get my hands on it. I can't wait to see what he produces, too. And I feel so fortunate to have entered the blogosphere while he was still posting.
Kathleen said…
@Eddie: If you do clone yourself, perhaps you could take on Post of the Day as well? =^)
Thank you SO much for keeping the roast in the oven. Sundays will be a real treat!
Kathleen said…
@Boomer: Hi there! I hope you can get some rest, my dear. Important with what this nasty flu season has brewing. Do take care!

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