"Oh, Ed-eeeee"

What fun it is to be rrrrrrrrrroasted!

Thank you, Eddie,
for interviewing me
for the

(and for continuing the delicious tradition)!


And now, for your entertainment pleasure,
I give you the delightful Topo Gigio
who was also quite fond of "Eddie."


Anonymous said…
Over from Eddie's place. Loved your "Sheer panic" answer concerning your blog name.
Erin Davis said…
Kathleen, you rock.
"Rolling on the floor laughing"
Obviously I should have made the interview a lot longer to give you time for your obvious musical talents!! LOL
It was great fun and after that Roast I shall now always think of you as my little "Lancashire Hotpot!"LOL
Great to meet you and I shall call round for a 'cuppa' whenever I can ~ Eddie x
Renee said…
He is so much cuter on this screen.

Renee xoox
lakeviewer said…
Over from Eddie's. Congratulations, and happy to meet you.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the roast! I just read the post about your father. The perfect mix of the complexity of being human.
Sassy Scribbles said…
over from Eddie's, great interview, congrats!
Pyzahn said…
Geez, how I loved Topo Gigio. But I must be out of practice....was there a link to Eddie's?
Finding Pam said…
I enjoyed your interview, but when I came to your blog and saw Toppo Gigio, I knew I was hooked.

Congratulations and very nice to meet you.

Topo is adorable and the singing cacti are just as delightful!
Congrats on the roast!
Teacher's Pet said…
Came from Eddie's blog.
Congratulations on the roast...a job well done.
I remember Ed Sullivan very well....(I must be old...whaddya think?)
Great job!!!
Smiles from Jackie
♥ Braja said…
Hey, you got roasted? Cool :) I'm goin'.....
ellen abbott said…
I'm still catching up from the weekend. Congrats on your roast.
Ribbon said…
Great interview :)

best wishes

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