What awaits us?

by Chris Heeter

Hanging in the balance
with delicate flower petal wings
the butterfly waits . . . and dries.
Soon she'll launch herself upward,
abandoning her milkweed worm world
for sky and air --
did the caterpillar ever ponder this --

She awakens the dreamer in all of us,
begging the question:
what can we leave behind?
What unfathomable possibilities await
as we transform along the way?


Reprinted with permission
published by Yileen Press.

Image by Harvard Avenue


Pyzahn said…
Ah, yes. So appropriate for this time of year (I have milkweed), but always appropriate for moving forward in life.

Merrily, merrily...
Joycee said…
Growing and learning, hope I never stop!
Gorgeous!!! We just learned about all this at the Butterfly Show at the Conservatory. Lovely as always with dozens of butterflies flitting about or catching a ride on a gentleman's panama hat.
Alex the Girl said…
The zoo here has a butterfly exhibit, but nothing beats having one go through the stages in your backyard, esp. when they turn out so lovely.
Kathleen said…
Pyzahn: do you like the smell of milkweed? I have a terrible sense of smell, that one fragrance I can pick up, and I like it!

Joy: Amen to that!

DBSO: Sounds perfectly magical!

Alex: We're growing what my earth doctor son calls a pollinator garden. Am hoping to catch the life cycle of some winged creatures there! I'm going to have to check into this butterfly exhibit thing. Both you and distracted mentioned one, and we've got a conservatory in St. Paul! Thanks for the idea, both of you!
Beautiful! I ♥ this!! Thank you!
Rudee said…
This was lovely. Thank you.
Derrick said…
Hello Kathleen,

The butterfly manages a magnificent transformation. Not sure we mere mortals are quite up to that ... but we can dream!
Kathleen said…
bfs: Mimi: So happy you enjoyed this!

Rudee: Got that massage yet?

Derrick: How true - on all scores!

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