'See the dark lady smile'

Lyrics from Burn It Blue*

by Caetano Veloso & Lila Dawn

Woman so weary 
Spread your unbroken wings
Fly free as the swallow sings 
Come to the fireworks 
See the dark lady smile
She burns…

And the night sky
 blooms with fire
And the burning bed floats higher
And she’s free to fly…

*If you'd like to hear the full song performed,
here's a clip from the Academy Awards performance.

Frida Kahlo mosaic photos shot with my iPhone


Rudee said…
You did that mosaic of Frida? It's amazing.
G. Harrison said…
Excellent mosaic, and accompanying prose.

You've likely seen the movie about her (10 years ago?). Her house inspired a few designs of my own, 1000 - 1200 sq. ft. rectangles with many windows opening to inner courtyard.

I just need the right building lot. And money. And permission to sell our house and move. Haha! Not is this lifetime.

Grace Albaugh said…
Love this mosaic. Great shot by the way. And the words are a perfect fit.
Nice post Kathleen.
Joanna said…
Love the mosaic!
Erin Davis said…
Did you do that mosaic? It's so striking, and perfectly combined with the song...
Kathleen said…
Oh, dear . . . I've fixed the credit line so as not to sound so misleading. I took the photo; I don't know how made the mosaic. I saw the gorgeous plate at the home of someone hosting a party for my niece's graduation. It is amazing. And I wish I had made it! =}

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