On the longest day of the year . . .

. . . in 1980, I wed Mr. B.

He still calls me his "bride."
He also calls me:

Katie -- when he's jovial
Katherine -- when, well, I haven't really figured that one out yet
Catheter -- when I'm being a pain in the patootie
Cadillac -- when he thinks I'm spending too much money
Katie-cakes -- just because

He still makes me laugh till I cry with his flex-face antics and his inimitable storytelling.
And nobody knows like he does how to simply "be" with me when I'm insufferable.

His children love him. His students love him. Animals love him. Plants love him. And so do I.

Happy 29th anniversary, Mr. B! 


Image 1 by Samantha Lawrence
Image 2 by Erik Baker


Rudee said…
I love that picture. Happy Anniversary to both of you and Happy Father's Day to him.
Grace Albaugh said…
So happy for you. Have a wonderful day. He sounds like a great blessing in your life.
Julie B. said…
Happy Anniversary!!
♥ Braja said…
Oh that's lovely, Kathleen... :)
Pyzahn said…
Ooo, my kind of guy. Does he have a brother? I'm also one to make derivatives of names based on a mood...it keeps things fresh.

Love the pic with all the animals hovering around him. A sign of a good soul.

Happy Anniversary.
Joanna said…
Such a wonderful photo. Congratulations to you both.
Rudee: Thanks! My son took that picture. It captures one of his many moods perfectly. Thanks for you kind wishes!

Grace: Thank you . . . a very interesting blessing to be sure!

Julie: Thank my, my dear!

Braja: Thank you!

Pyzahn: Tee-hee! Yes, he does have a brother, an older brother -- but he's married. You're so funny. I'd love to hear some of your derivative names. "Ace Ventura" does indeed have a good soul.

Joanna: Thank you! It's been a most interesting ride!
Alex the Girl said…
What a perfect day for a wedding, the longest day of the year...gives you more time to enjoy (unless of course...there were shot guns involved). Happy anniversary.

And I wish plants loved me just a little...only a little....they don't have to commit suicide just because I planted them in my garden.
Kathleen said…
Alex: We liked the whole pagan aspect of the day! (And we even got married in the Catholic Church, capital C, capital C!) I'll ask Mr. B to send some green thumb vibes your way! He swears by watering (and he does A LOT of it, but I think he's using Miracle Grow and hiding the evidence!)
willow said…
Congratulations to a beautiful couple! Best wishes for many more anniversaries to come.
~ ennui ~ said…
Congrats to you and Mr.B!
Kathleen said…
Willow: What a sweet comment! Thank you!

~ennui~: Thank you! Who'd have thought!?!

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