Guest blogger: Charlotte speaks

Wow! I'm beat. So is Cora. Kathleen took us to the dog park two days in a row. And we ran ourselves silly. 

People always laugh at me because I guess I have the longest tongue of any dog at the park. It's funny to zoom by them and hear them burst out laughing.

Cora did something I've never seen her do before. She went up to every little kid at the park and let them pet her. I think she was hoping they had something sticky on their faces so she could "kiss" then clean. But let's keep that our little secret; everyone thought she was being sweet. I was way too busy running, getting games of tag started, and smelling stuff -- you know, the stuff we dogs like but you humans think is gross -- to bother with little kids.

And then there were the squirrels to herd. Have you seen the movie "Up"? I highly recommend it.


I just noticed that Kathleen has two blog rolls now. She's created one that is just dog and Yukon blogs. Sweet! She really is obsessed with us. But maybe the topic of dogs is boring for the rest of you, so I'll try to think of something else to talk about when she invites me to be a guest blogger again.

How about . . . 


Oops, sorry 'bout that. Lost my train of thought.
I'll get back to you on that one.

Hope you all have a good week. And cross your fingers Kathleen gets us to the dog park again before the weekend!

Bye for now,


-- Charlotte

Image by hegtor


Anonymous said…
Hi, Charlotte. I'm a pug from White Bear Lake. I want to visit you and Cora at the dog park one of these days. I love to play and give kisses, too!

Sniff sniff, snort, snort,

Pyzahn said…
I don't care what anyone says about Charlotte's tongue...she is just soooo darn cute.

And I LOVE that squirrel photo, though they are on my hit list these days (post to come).
~ ennui ~ said…
nice to meet you Charlotte- you are cute,cute.
Kathleen said…
Yoshi: You sound fun. Do you mind playing with an alpha female?

Pyzahn: Me thinks you need a dog ~;^) I could start looking for one for you. I didn't know people still put pies on window sills!

~ennui~: Kathleen tells me she loves your blog. Yeah, I'm pretty cute, but everyone notices Cora first. I think it's the one brown eye, one blue eye thing. I have to do a lot to get noticed around her. I think that's why Kathleen lets me blog. Plus I'm much better with my paws than she is.
Erin Davis said…
Squirrel! That is our favorite thing to say since seeing the movie "Up." Maybe Kathleen will take you to see it...(a special doggie matinee, perhaps?)
Kathleen said…
Erin: Oh, I do hope so. I'd like to speak they way she says dogs do in "Up"

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