For Katayoon

When I attended the University of Texas at Austin, our dorm -- Newman Hall -- was home to many girls from Iran.

I will always remember one: Katayoon. She was sunny, kind, thoughtful, and a builder of bridges across cultures. From Katayoon I learned about Zoroastrianism and how my friend was a minority in her country because of her beliefs.

She also told me that in Iran, I would have the same name as hers. I always liked that.

As so often happens with college pals, we lost touch after she finished her studies. But she has never left my thoughts.

Katayoon: Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for your safety and your rights. I am and always will be your friend. 


Image of Katayoon Moghadam pottery by


Pyzahn said…
Be safe, Katayoon. Sending grace and goodwill to the people of Iran.
Gaston Studio said…
Great tribute to your college friend Kathleen and I hope, somehow, she hears about this post and gets in touch with you.
Alex the Girl said…
Amazing tribute, Kathleen. I imagine your thoughts turn to her more often than not these times and days. I hope she is well and safe.
Rudee said…
I hope your friend and her family fares well through these tumultuous times. I am leery of what is happening there. While I hope for democracy for the country of Iran, I remember quite well their hatred for us the last time they demonstrated so vehemently in that country. The start and funding of Hezbollah and the fact that their desired leader was in the thick of that is another thing I try to remember. Mousavi was also involved in the 1979 hostage crisis and espoused nuclear proliferation. Has he changed all that much?

I will pray for clarity for all of them and for us as well.
Janie said…
Have you read "Reading Lolita in Tehran"? I found it a fascinating look at life inside Iran.
Kathleen said…
Pyzahn: Thank you for adding your thoughts for Katayoon to mine. You always know just what to say. Maybe you should start a line of greeting cards with that special Pyzahn wit and wisdom.

Jane: Thank you, too, for your wishes. What a special person, that one. Some people just stay with you, don't they? I see that in your amazing stories!

Alex: You got that right. I so wish I'd stayed in touch. I'll trust the universe (and blogosphere) to carry all our good wishes to her.

Rudee: Thank you for holding that history in your memory. It's so good to keep the whole picture in mind. I appreciate your thoughtful comment -- and your prayers.

Janie: Welcome! I have been enjoying your blog so much. I have a soft spot for big mammals. Well, maybe not moose. They're awfully hard on sled dogs. I will most definitely check out "Reading Lolita in Tehran" based on your recommendation.

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