What does 'fine' mean?

Seems like people fall into two camps when you ask, "How are you?"

Camp 1: People who give you a good amount of detail
Camp 2: People who answer with one word: "fine"

Camp 2 people seem like geodes to me: I want to know what's really going on inside. Once a reporter, always a reporter, I suppose.

So what does that mean, exactly, "fine?"

I heard one person call the word an acronym for the following: Feelings Inside Not Expressed

And just today, my friend Amy said she has a pal who likes to say: "I'm fine...but I'll be alright."

I'm going with online Webs definition #3: delicate, subtle, or sensitive in quality, perception, or discrimmination.

I'd sure like to be that kind of fine person--and depart Camp 1.

Photo from here.


Wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment. Love your photos here. Those smiles got me:>) Hope you're feeling okay, I didn't go back far enough to find out what happened to your head. Don't tell me--I'll come back and read more. You rest. I bet the computer gets to you after awhile.
I am so absolutely in Camp 1. I love that you love to hear to the real gritty stuff.

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