This from Mary Oliver

"My feelings about the natural world
and the kindness of people
sustain me."

Heard at a poetry reading in Minneapolis, 2006

Image by autan


Rudee said…
Most people are kind and worthy of sentiments like this.
That is perfection--the photo and the quote. Love that Mary Oliver. I'm in a neighborhood writing class and we imagine Miss Mary to take long thoughtful walks in the woods to return home and write down a collection of words that is sensitive and beautiful. No stinkin' grocery lists for her. We like to think she simply glides through all of that:>)
Kathleen said…
You may be right...she certainly glided (glid?) through her reading. She'd definitely seemed a stickler for details, tho'...when she signed the copy of my book, she made absolutely sure the ink was dried before she let me walk off with it. She read a wickedly funny poem about Donald Rumsfeld and several charming ones about her dog. I still can't believe I got to see/hear her read! Total fluke; someone couldn't go--and I got the ticket.

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