Pink slips

I must say I like the word better than layoff, but I think it's a little silly for these times.

Isn't there a better word? Seen in a certain light, isn't a "pink slip" more like a ticket?

Maybe it's only a lottery ticket with "dashed hopes" written on it and no money at the end of the day.

But it could also be a ticket to something better, couldn't it? A ticket to a new freedom, new possibility?

With so many people holding these slips or tickets or whatever word is best, is it not possible that a groundswell of something new, something big, something seismic is in the making?

A girl can hope.

May all who "hold" a pink slip tonight find themselves grasping one glorious ticket soon.


Rudee said…
I'm thankful I'm not holding a pink slip. Last month, my department was under the gun with a corporate review of our dismal earnings. The benefit of providing service to the dying must have outweighed the fact that we aren't profitable. I'm shocked, but pleased that cooler heads prevailed and I still have a job. With all of the cuts within the corporation I work for, I really believed I'd be looking for work. While part of me embraced it, the other part was frightened-there is a lot of competition out there.
Kathleen said…
They're lucky to have *you*, Rudee. We're all lucky to have you and everyone like you willing to help us when we die. You've just inspired a story for my post today. Thank you. Is that gorgeous house wrapping you in goodness today or wearing you out with too much window-cleaning?

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