Note to self

"When it seems humanly impossible to do more in a difficult situation, surrender yourself to the inner silence and thereafter wait for a sign of obvious guidance or for a renewal of inner strength."

-- Paul Brunton
Meditations for People in Crisis

Found on Mar 28, 2009, Word for the Day at


Julie B. said…
I'm glad I stopped by your blog tonight, because I needed that quote. Definitely feeling overwhelmed with school right now, and am about to go to sleep even though I feel like I accomplished nothing today (and no matter how productive I am tomorrow, I will still be behind). So, thanks so much for posting that. *hugs*
Rudee said…
I will keep this in mind as I finish packing my house today.
Kathleen said…
Hey, Julie--so glad to hear from you and to know the quote was helpful. Good luck getting through these last weeks. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. (And just know that I TOTALLY know you're going to make it. As Rudee says on her blog, "There is nothing that a good cry can't fix." Hope you can turn on the "faucet," gets as much rest as humanly possible, and eat some chocolate!

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