Now I get it

So that's what they meant by rest!

A sunny, quiet hermitage, snow melting in 50-degree weather, the tender loving care of Franciscan sisters, food so good you can't help but take seconds, sitting still while night slowly settles in and softens the edges of everything, watching the moon rise all plump and buttery. And sleep.

Such was my weekend at Clare's Well retreat farm. And Sunday, as I reflected on my great fortune to know a place with so much goodness, I realized that for the first time in weeks, I had a day with no dizziness, no lack of coordination, no sheer exhaustion, no headache.

I choose to credit The Great Unknowable for this one--and thank her kindly. Blessings...
Flickr photo: Andrew Dunn


Rudee said…
I am deeply envious. What a glorious weekend for you.

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