I love my kids' generation. They're huggers. Like me. At least the ones I know are, which may well be limited to Minnesota kids.

By kids I mean young adults, somewhere between 18-28, give or take 5 years. Boomers (my gen) seem a little more cautious about contact. I'm not really sure why. But those Y kids, they just hug with abandon. Good ole back slapping hugs, gentle embraces, "air" hugs for the shyer types. Doesn't matter. They just do it.

Best of all, they hug me, too. God love 'em.

News Flash: It's not just Minnesota kids! I just found out about the Free Hugs Campaign, so I'm posting some pictures from it. You've got to watch the video on the site!

(And thank you for permission to use the international photos, Flickr)


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