Loneliness or solitude?

"Language has created
the word
to express the pain of being alone,
the word
to express the glory of being alone."

~ Mariana Soffer
Author of the blog


Which one do you feel?


Thank you, Mariana
Oil painting by Dan Mackerman


Julie B. said…
A mixture of both.
Renie Burghardt said…
Mostly solitude as well.

Lovely picture, Kathleen.
Gaston Studio said…
Definitely solitude. Love the painting too.
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

We can all enjoy being alone but I would say that solitude is knowing that people are there when you need them and loneliness is when there aren't.
jinksy said…
Solitude is a priceless gift. It allows creativity to reach its full potential.
darsden said…
both but with peace :-)
When I am grounded in love I feel solitude. When I am floundering in fear I feel lonely.
Alix said…
I have felt both in the extreme - but today (and hopefully tomorrow) - my maturity has led me to recognize it as solitude.

Thank you for asking the question. It's a lovely one to ponder.
Joycee said…
Both, loneliness brings with it solitude...just what I need sometimes. You have to be happy in your own skin, Mom used to say.
Janie said…
So true that being alone can bring both joy and sorrow. I've felt both the glory and the pain. I prefer the glory, of course.
Pyzahn said…
I am grateful for the gift of solitude and the blessing of having friends to call a friend when I feel lonely.

Thanks for asking. It's a thoughtful query.
Lydia said…
Solitude! It was exactly what I wrote about at my blog for my wedding anniversary post on Sept. 1st! We were on a wavelength!
steven said…
my life oscillates between the two states. i don't mind the hurt of loneliness as much as used to. i love the state of solitude much more than i used to. steven
Mimi said…
I love solitude for a short time, but after less than a day, it turns to loneliness.
I'm one of those people who needs to converse with other people, who loves to converse. If I don't I start to feel alone very quickly, so one of my biggest dreads would be to be left alone.

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