Monday, September 28, 2009

Everyday angels

"Blessed is the influence
 of one true,
loving soul on another."

~ George Eliot

Image: Dos Angeles by Jaime Olaya at


steven said...

hi kathleen, olaya's work is truly cool! i looked up a pile more of his work after seeing this. he's new to me so thanks!!!! steven

Gaston Studio said...

Totally new artist to me, and kind of reminds me of early Gauguin (did I spell that right?).

Rudee said...

A lovely sentiment, Kathleen.

Joycee said...

Love the sentiment and the art!

ellen abbott said...

Lovely. and a whole new look for your blog!

Janie said...

The two angels look like comfort and love personified.

Mimi said...

This is so true, and quite apt to blogging too.


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